Best Daughter of The Bride Speech Ideas and Examples

As the daughter of the bride, you have a very personal connection with the bride like no other. Meaning that your speech will be especially important to her and the event as a whole. Because of this, you really have to make it count.

The best way to make this speech is usually through using a personal past experience with the bride. Base your speech around a story, not only can it add comedic value to look back at past memories, but it also takes up a decent amount of time. So say you start with a few short words, you might thank everyone for coming or say how beautiful the bride looks etc. then you can tell your story. Whether it’s just a memory you are fond of, a funny moment you shared or something similar. Whatever you would like to listen to if someone else was giving your speech. Then you could end your speech by congratulating the bride or saying thank you for all she’s done, something along those lines.

Don’t just focus on the Bride

Another way to give this speech would be to talk purely about the bride and groom’s relationship. After all, as her daughter, she presumably told you a lot about what was going on.

A great daughter of the bride speech example would be something like this could be something similar to “Hello, and thank you all for coming to this amazing day!” after which you may thank whoever planned and, or paid for the event. Continuing with, “Now, Mum and (partners name) started their relationship (however long ago), I remember Mum coming home from their first date. She was so giddy and honestly I hadn’t seen her so happy in a long time. Weeks later they talked almost every day and constantly went out together, she was having the time of her life. Then, after a while, I was also introduced to (groom’s name), and by the look on mum’s face, I could see straight away they were meant to be.” you could then go into further detail about this or end the speech with a short segment such as, “I’m so glad you’re happy Mum, and I wish the best for you both in the future.”. 

Recite one of your Favorite Poem or Song for Mum

Another type of daughter of the bride speech sample that you could perhaps use is a poem or song, it doesn’t have to belong or use a million special techniques. Just something sweet and meaningful would be perfect. While there aren’t many examples of these out there, if you have a knack for this sort of thing it would be perfect.

Poems and songs can have lots of hidden meanings that many are interested in reading and trying to understand, so maybe give a physical copy of the poem to everyone or have some laid out on tables?

Do Not Bring up Past Relationships

On the other hand, there are some things you may wish to avoid when making your speech. One of the daughters of the bride speech ideas would be to not make the speech awkward at all. One example would be to avoid mentioning the brides past relationships/ marriage. As, while it may be her second and even final marriage, talking about past ones may make the groom uncomfortable and make it awkward for the bride.

Moreover, another big no-no is to not mention the cost of the wedding! It’s perfectly fine to thank those who paid, but DO NOT mention how much. It’s the same as when you buy someone flowers, you always take the price tag off right? This is because it may make the couple feel bad for spending too much or too little, as well as it will cause other couples in the audience to compare how much was spent on theirs (not good). 

The Toast that Can Mean so Much

The final, make or break part of your speech is the toast. The daughter of the bride wedding toast will be something that each and every guest at the wedding will always remember. You must truly make this part count. Remember that all eyes will be on you for this. Not all speeches will require one as it is often done by the best man.

However; if you are required to do so, make sure it goes well! Hold your head up with confidence and a smile, and make sure to look all around the room and through your audience just after announcing you’d like to make a toast. Then say something short, such as “I’d like to thank you, Mum, and (groom’s name) for this wonderful day, and we all hope you have a long, happy future together!”, and don’t forget to raise your glass!

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