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So the big day is coming soon. You have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. You popped the question and she most assuredly told you yes. You told all of your family, and they were absolutely thrilled. Your friends were super happy when you told them as well. Everyone was super happy for you.

Since you popped the question it has been a whirlwind. You have had so much to do to get ready for this wedding and it seems like it never ends.

There has been helping in planning the event, getting tuxedos, getting your groomsmen all together, buying the rings and so much more. This does not even consider the fact that you have had to try to keep your beautiful bride under control. She may be the most pleasant and amazing woman on earth, but as the wedding gets closer to the date a lot turn into a Bridezilla. This can put a strain on a marriage before it even gets underway.

Groom Speech Preparation

A lot of people think the job of the groom is super easy. While the wedding is the union of you and your wife, most people openly recognize that the wedding is for the bride and not the groom. It is really more her wedding than his, as she has probably wanted it a certain way since she was like seven years old.

Now, this is her chance to get her dream fulfilled. You are pretty much along for the ride, as any groom really is. You just get to sit back and enjoy the ride, waiting for the day that you get to marry your beautiful bride.

At least, that is how it may seem. You may think that there is really not much to do, but that is simply not the case. This is one of the most significant times in your marriage, because you can be sure that your future bride is going to be very stressed at this point. She is going to worry about every single detail, and this is your big time to be more supportive than ever. Outside of the time that she is pregnant and feeling like she is completely unappealing, there will be no greater time when you will need to stand by her. That is unless, God forbid, she should become seriously ill.

Groom Speech Responsibility

While there is not a whole lot of a thing you will do in the wedding, other than hold your partners hand and say “I do,” you do have a huge responsibility at the reception. That is giving the groom’s speech.

To be quite honest, while it should not be, this moment can be a very momentous one. It can set the tone for your wedding, because you can truly endear yourself to your wife, her friends and her family, or you can say something that will be talked about for years. You can quickly set a very bad tone that you will have a hard time living down for the rest of your life.

You may read this and think that is ridiculous. How can one little talk on one of the most special days in the life of you and your bride have such a huge impact? It just can’t!

Well, it can, and you need to be aware of that. You may have great jokes and be very witty. Your personality may be some that your wife absolutely loves and she may think you are so funny how you come up with quick comments. However, a poorly made comment that may be funny to your new wife, may be quite offensive to your new father in law or to your bride’s grandmother. Suddenly, you have upset and offended a key member of the family who may find holding a grudge against you as his or her goal for the rest of time. This can make your marriage uneasy from the start and that can take away a huge amount of that wedding bliss.

Consider that if you have said something that upset your father in law and he has voiced his displeasure to his daughter. Consider how terrible your wedding night is about to be. Maybe the most romantic and passionate night you will have in your life has been made tense and uncomfortable. That is surely not something you want.

Playing It Smart

There are a lot of things that you can do keep your special day the amazing day that it should be, and that starts by making sure that your groom’s speech is one that will pull on the heart strings of everyone there and set you up as an amazing guy to her family and friends.

This is the impression you want to leave, and that groom’s speech is your chance to really set the tone with everyone on what a great guy you are. Clearly you look great in your tuxedo, and the way that the wedding went you really have created a good first impression. Now it is time to go in for the kill, as your speech will leave people talking about how amazing you are for years.

Things to Avoid

This may seem to be the wrong place to begin, but it makes sense to talk about the don’ts before getting into the things you can do to write a really amazing groom wedding speech. Sadly, it is the things that people do wrong that are remembered far more than the things that were done right, so making sure that you avoid these things is the place to begin.

Shooting from the Hip – the biggest mistake that most grooms will make is to decide that they will just go with whatever comes to their mind. To be honest, this has so many pitfalls to it that it is hard to consider them all.

Let’s start with the most obvious. By the time that you got to the reception, you sat down and started dinner, and it is your time to talk, you will probably be quite tired. You are super excited about being married, but you may have already had a very long day. Then there is the fact that your bride probably looks unbelievably beautiful and sexy, and there are many things on your mind about how you would like to get her out of that dress. Add to it that you may have already had a drink or two, and can you now see how this can turn into something bad right off?

You may want to talk about how you can’t wait to get to the wedding suite or have a “funny” joke that comes across poorly to the new mother in law or grandmother in law. This will doom you forever to say the least.

You may be incredibly witty and have great comments that people think are funny. You may be exceptional at talking off the cuff, but this is not the time to put that to the test. Have a well prepared speech in advance to make sure that your comments are well received.

Coarse Jokes – your sense of humor may be really something. You may have absolutely incredible jokes to tell, but if they are more on the risqué side, then you need to get them out of your arsenal.

You have to consider your audience here. Too many people find a reason to be offended by jokes, and so it makes sense to avoid things that can be taken badly. Your jokes may be great for your friends, but older people may not enjoy the humor. There may also be nieces and nephews there that are too young for your jokes, so you want to avoid stuff that could get people worked up that you would tell such jokes when little kids were present.

Embarrassing Stories About Your Bride – it may seem funny to tell the story of when you and your bride met at a party where she was hammered. That may be funny to you. It may not be funny to her father, especially if she was only 17 at the time. It may seem funny the time that you took her skinny dipping and she was bitten by a snapping turtle on the butt. That may be hilarious to you, and her, but that is not something she may want her family and friends to know.

Consider that if you do something that will upset the bride you are probably going to have a less than romantic night ahead of you. Amusing stories about your bride may not be things that she wants to be shared, and she may find them humiliating. You need to be very careful of her feelings, because you can be sure, gentlemen that when you upset your wife she will be carrying that in her arsenal of things she will throw at you when you two are arguing about something. And you can be sure that will stay in the arsenal even to your 50th wedding anniversary.

This is supposed to be a very special occasion, maybe the most special she will ever have. Don’t do anything that can ruin it. You want her to feel like your princess, so be careful of her feelings.

Putting Together a Really Great Speech

Ok, so now you know not what to do, so it is time to focus on putting together a really good wedding speech for groom. Here are some great speech tips that will really help you to come up with the perfect speech that will make it one that she will remember for a good reason for the rest of her life.

Capture Their Attention from the Start – the opening lines to your speech are honestly the most critical. You have to start by thanking a whole lot of people so it is from that point that you really want to capture their attention.

A lot of people start with jokes, and that can be great. Just make sure that your jokes are appropriate for a wedding. You don’t need to be Chris Rock. Keep it clean and funny and you will really have people wanting to hear more.

Your jokes can be little jabs that everyone would get and think are funny. A great example is something like this:

I have been told that this is usually one of the only times in a married man’s life when he can be in the company of his wife and mother in-law and not be interrupted … I may be here sometime.

Everyone, for the most part, would get the humor of that and you should not have anyone that is offended.

Another good one can be something like this:

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I had prepared a superb speech for you today, but unfortunately, now that I am married … I’ve been told to read this one instead.

Most people see the humor that men lose their voice when they get married, so mocking it in this way should be funny to most, if not everyone there.

Groom Speech Preparation

Ensure that You Prepare an Outline When Writing Your Speech – the most common thing that grooms will say after the wedding is over are how they wished they would have remembered to talk about something in particular that they forgot. They had thought about it earlier before the wedding and promised themselves that they were not going to forget it, but when the big time came that is exactly what they did.

By writing out an outline and doing it at least a month or two before the wedding, you will remember things that you really want to talk about. This is really a key point in learning how to write a wedding speech groom style.

It is not that you need to mention everyone or that you have to tell a whole bunch of great stories. It is just getting the things out that you really feel are important.

Keep Your Groom Speech Short

Writing an outline and then formally writing the speech also does something else. It keeps you from rambling on. You need to write a short groom speech. Consider that there will likely be lots of people there who want to talk, and if you are rambling on for 20 or 30 minutes you deny others the chance to say how happy they are for you. Yes, it is your event, but others want to be a part of it. Give them that opportunity.

This is another one of the benefits of putting together an outline and then writing out your speech. It gives you a very clear direction and you can actually time to make sure that it only last four or five minutes.

Intent of Your Speech

Develop What Kind of Speech You Want to Deliver – one of the mistakes that many grooms make is that they want to make their speech so that it has something for everyone. They want to have the best jokes, the most heartfelt stories, and the best delivery. This is a big mistake.

What you need to do is to focus on one kind of way that you want to present your groom speech. This can mean that you can make it a groom thank you speech to everyone who has helped to make this an incredible event, a groom speech to bride on how blessed you are to be with her, a funny groom speech, or a sentimental groom speech about how much you love your bride and family. Focus on one and add features of the others. This will add a lot more impact to your groom speech.

Look at Speech Examples

Look at Some Examples – it is a great idea to look at short groom speech examples online to see how some have put their speeches together. There are great examples out there and you will have a really clear idea of what works.

You can even choose a speech template that someone else has written and put your own information in there. Honestly, there is no sense in reinventing the wheel. If you come across someone who has written really amazing groom speech examples, then go ahead and use what they have done. It will save you time and make sure that you get the speech you want that you know already works.

Practice Your Groom Speech

Practice, Practice, Practice – you have been given a lot of information to consider. The last piece you need is to practice your speech. You want to make sure that the timing is down and that your speech will not go too long, and practice will show you if you need to make changes.

Also, practicing will show you if you need to make any changes to the speech format. Maybe you didn’t hit an area as much as you would have liked, or you need to change the order. Practice will help you know this, especially if you do it in front of others. Let them check the speech structure as they listen so they can help you to have the very best speech imaginable.

You want to make sure that you get your marriage off on the right foot and this will really help you to do that. By looking at this information, if you take it seriously and incorporate it into your groom speech, it should work out very well for you. You deserve a great marriage so get it off on the right foot and you will be greatly rewarded on your wedding night and for the rest of your life. Isn’t that what you truly want?

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