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A wedding is a very blessed occasion. This is the opportunity for family members, friends, and other well-wishers to see the happy couple tie the knot and begin their life together. It is one of /*the most fantastic events that can happen in any person’s life, and it is so much more special when a lot of those who have seen the man and woman grow up get to enjoy in the beautiful moment.

The wedding is such an amazing event, but part of what makes it so special is the fact that so many get to share in the moment. While they could choose to elope, that denies the wonderful moment when friends, family, and others in attendance can see their friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor tie the knot. It is the sharing of the moment that is part of what makes it so special.

Sharing Your Well Wishes with the Happy Couple

One of the aspects of the wedding that so many like is that it’s not just a spectator sport. You don’t just get to watch the wedding, but actually get to participate in it. That is in a manner of speaking.

At the wedding reception the parents of the bride and groom, the best man, maid of honor, and other family members get to toast the happy couple. Many of those in attendance get to honor the couple this way as well, which can be your opportunity to share your thoughts in a toast.

A Toast Is Important No Matter Your Role

Many people get to speak at the reception to propose a toast. There are many who are supposed to give a toast, but just about anyone can give their well wishes. This is part of the fun of the reception. Everyone can share their toast.

Of course, you want to say something that can be proud and important. You are not looking to steal the show, but you also want to say something that will let the couple know that you truly wish them the very best in their marriage and that you are truly blessed to be a part of this momentous occasion. You want to make one of the best wedding toasts imaginable, and this is why you want to learn how to give a wedding toast.

It Can Be a Lot Harder than You Think

It sounds like it should be so easy. You want to wish the couple well. You may have even known at least one member of the newlyweds for some time and so it would seem that toasting them would be super easy. However, it can be a lot more complicated than you might have imagined.

First of all, a lot of people are not particularly good at speaking off the cuff. While they may be quite bright and even witty, speaking from the hip is not that easy. It requires a certain skill. That skill can become challenged when you have spent a long day at a wedding, maybe you were even out late the night before. You then had to sit through a lot of stuff before you even got the wedding reception, and there may have even been forty or fifty people who spoke before you. Add the fact that you may have had a lot to drink before it is your turn to speak and it can be easy to see how your toast may not be nearly as impressive as you would like it to be. In fact, it may come across rather badly. This is why it pays to be prepared.

You understand that there can be some challenges for sure, but you also need to be aware that there can be some real problems should you say something that does not come off as well as you would like it to. If your toast mentions something that was supposed to be witty, but winds up coming off as offense, you may find yourself never being invited to a wedding again.

You may also find that some of your relatives may be quite offended and never wish to talk to you again. This seems silly, but lots of people find a reason to be offended quite easily, so you need to be cautious in the way that you present your toast. You don’t to be the person who turns the blessed occasion into a family war.

Getting Your Speech Together

Hopefully, you are not terrified at this point. You can make a great toast and don’t need to feel like the world is about to come to an end. You simply have to have yourself prepared and ready to give a great toast. This just takes some simple planning on your part to make this a truly remarkable wedding toast speech that will get across what you want to say.

Make a Speech Outline

The first thing you want to do is to make an outline. Even if your toast is going to be just a couple of minutes, it makes sense to have an outline that gets to the key things that you want to say. This does something very important that you will want to keep in mind.

It is not uncommon for people, once they start talking, to find it hard to stop. They just ramble on with no real direction. This is when bad things will happen, especially if you have had a little bit to drink. Rambling on makes you look like a person who just wants to hog the stage, and this is the time that you are most likely to say something that can offend another person. Making an outline helps you to stay focused.

It also makes sure that you say the things you truly want to get out. There may be lots of things that you want to add that you think that are relevant, but you need to keep in mind that you just have a minute or two, that is unless you are the parents of the bride or groom, a bridesmaid, or a groomsman. Then you can go for four or five minutes at most.

Making an outline also allows you to direct your speech. Maybe you want this to be a toast to the bride more than any other kind of speech. That is ideal if you are a groomsman or the parents of the groom. Toasting the bride makes much more sense in this case.

Look for what you want to say and use the outline to help you to do this.

Look for Some Great Quotes

Nothing adds to a toast like beautiful wedding toast quotes. Fortunately, there are many thousands that you can choose from. There have been many great things that have been said about couples over the thousands of years that words have been written down, and so it may really add to your toast. If you are looking for a good quote, here are some great ideas for you.

These are some great ideas for you to consider for many reasons. First, there are some that are funny, some that are sentimental, and some that are sweet. These are the kinds of sentiments that you want to get out.

A good quote can be a great place to start your speech or to use to end it. It just depends if you want to build off of the quote or you want to use the quote to summarize what you have already said. A quote is a great way to express love for the happy couple and can help you to really drive home the important sentiment of your toast.

While there have been a few great quotes that have been shown here, you can be sure that there are many thousands of other ones out there. You can do a search for more specific kinds of quotes you can easily find what you are looking for.

Choose the Style of Toast

While you are searching for quotes, one thing you may want to consider is the kind of speech you wish to give. This should be a way that really fits your style. You may be a person who is quite witty and funny to be around and so a good funny talk may be the best choice for you.

If you are more of a sentimental kind of person who likes to share your emotions, then maybe a speech that is more in line with your personality is what you need. Don’t try to force a speech to be funny. If you are a person with great sentimentality, then let that be your guide for sure. Don’t force a speech to be something that you are not.

If you are looking for some direction on writing your speech, you should be aware that there are great wedding toast examples that you can find online. You don’t need to use the speech as it is. You can cater it to fit your own personal style and allow it to say the things that you want it to say. This will help you to find wedding toast ideas, which will really add to the beauty of the speech.

Let this be a guide for you. A lot of times the hardest part is simply getting started. It is those initial words that you try to write down that can be the hardest. This is why looking at some wedding toast examples can help you get started on putting together your wedding toast idea. Looking at these will give you some great ideas of how other people have introduced themselves and made an impact at the wedding reception. This is where looking at funny wedding toast examples and sentimental wedding toast examples can really give you a direction on how others have had success. It can also show you things that you don’t want to do within your own speech.

You Can Include a Good Story

One of the best ideas that you may want to employ is to share a personal story about the couple as a whole or about either the bride or groom. If you know one or both members of the wedding party really well, adding a personal story can really make a big difference.

This gives additional significance to your toast because it comes from a personal place within your life with the couple. This is a very special moment where you are sharing something that is so meaningful to you that you are including others within a very special moment within your lives.

These kinds of stories really add impact to a toast. Keep in mind that you want the story to be something special and not something that will be embarrassing. If you share an embarrassing account of something that has happened in the past this may cause friction if it leaves them humiliated. The story can be amusing, but don’t let it be something that will be embarrassing to either member of the couple. Use good discretion when making your decision.

For those who do not know either member of the couple well, there is no need to share our story. Just because you don’t have a personal connection with them does not mean your toast will be any less significant. You can still share a story from historical event, from something you have experienced in your own life, or from a famous movie or theater production as part of your story. Just ensure that it is something that should be directed to what your point is that you’re making within your toast.


Now that you have some very clear ideas on how to write a wedding speech, it is time to sit down and simply put this together. The key thing to keep in mind is that all great wedding toasts are successful because they truly come from the heart of the person who was speaking them.

It is when you get out of character that your speech can go awry. This is why you really want to make sure that you have taken some time to put your toast together before you come to the wedding reception. Practice what it is that you want to say, and do it in front of other people to, when sure that the words that you really mean to say are what comes across clearly.

Do this and you will get that special moment you are looking to have, where you really get to share your innermost love and affection for the couple and do it at a time that will be one of the most significant moments in their lives.

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