Bride & Groom Speech Examples & Tips

So you are about to get married to the person of your dreams. Congratulations are definitely in order! You are about to take one of the biggest steps of your life and do it with the person who will become your lifelong friend and lover. What a blessing that is for sure.

Since the marriage was set there has been a great deal to do. Finding the right venue for the wedding, picking out dresses and tuxedos, who will cater and make the cake, what flowers will be chosen, the limousine service, and many more things need to be decided upon. It is an unbelievable list of things that need to be accomplished prior to your blessed day.

Showing Your Appreciation for Those Who Made This Happen

While there is a great deal that you and your future spouse will need to accomplish prior to the big day, the truth is that you would not be able to do this on your own. There will be many people who will play a significant role in making sure that this event happens. Both of your parents, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, friends, family members, and many others may play a significant role in ensuring that the happiest day of your life becomes the grand spectacle that you truly want it to be.

Many people have probably set aside a significant amount of their time, and have put their life on hold to be able to assist you in making this wedding the dream one that you have envisioned. A lot of money has been spent, a lot of time invested, and maybe even a lot of tongues have been bitten as you and your future spouse may have been quite challenging over the months leading up to the wedding. You want to truly show your appreciation for all the things that they have done to make this event happen. That can be done when you have the opportunity to present the bride and groom thank you speech.

Preparing This Speech

It is true that there are a large number of things that are on your mind during the time leading up to the nuptials. Writing a speech, thinking people for all the hard work that they put in may not be at the top of your list, but it should be. A lot of people have spent some significant amount of time and money to make sure that you have the event you truly want, and you need to make sure you show your appreciation for them.

Consider for a moment that a lot of weddings have gotten off on the wrong foot because family members were irritated or felt slighted by a lack of appreciation from the couple. This is not the way you want to start. Hard feelings, sadly, rarely go away. In fact, they can rule and become significantly worse over time. Every single thing that occurs in the future will be magnified by their feeling of being unappreciated and this is not the way you want to begin.

You can combat that and stop it from even having a chance to fester by sitting down with your future spouse and putting together a very heartfelt thank you speech from the two of you. This bride and groom speech together will give you both the opportunity to show your love and appreciation for those who mean the most to you.

Start on This Together

The key to making this speech everything you wanted to be is by working on it together. If one of you says to the other to just write it and they’ll happily accept that don’t allow that to happen. Surely someone will be left out and that is not what you want. Spend some time working on this speech together.

It is also a good idea to sit down in front of a computer and look for bride and groom speech examples. No one is saying that you need to use the ideas that you see in the speeches; only that they could be a good idea for what you can use in creating your bride and groom thank you speech. You will see some examples of what others have done in the past and the thoughts that they have shared, and this can give you some very helpful tips on the direction to take for your speech.

Go through the list of those who have helped to put the event together. Both of your sets of parents have probably played a significant role in making this happen. In your bride and groom wedding speech they should most definitely be mentioned. All of your bridesmaids and groomsmen deserve a place in that appreciation speech. However, it does not stop there.

There are many others who could’ve played a significant role. This includes such people as aunts and uncles who may have driven other family members there, cousins who helped to decorate the reception hall, a wedding planner who really made the event more special than can be imagined, friends who endured a lot of panic and anger helping to put this thing together. There are probably quite a few people that played a significant role in making this happen. Going through that list and seeing who all played a part will make sure that you don’t miss anybody who had a significant role.

With all that being said, you don’t need to be over the top with your appreciation. You don’t need to name every waiter or waitress who is providing services at the reception. You can think the catering service as a whole for all they have done. You can think the clergymen who perform the ceremony, but all the ushers don’t need a special note individually. You can collectively talk about groups of people who made the event occur and that is perfectly fine.

Have Fun with Your Speech

Too often, people want to be stoic about their appreciation. They want to present their appreciation in such a way that is meant to nearly bring tears to everybody at the reception. The reality is that you don’t need to be this serious. Your wedding is supposed to be a fun and blessed occurrence and there is nothing wrong with making your appreciation known in a fun way.

This has probably been a long period of time for everybody involved, and even the wedding day has probably been exhausting to virtually everybody there. You can show your appreciation and thankfulness while also keeping it fun and entertaining at the same time.

The best way to do this can be to make fun of yourselves in the speech itself. If your poor maid of honor has been your punching bag, so to speak, over the last few months as you’ve turned into some kind of bridezilla, this would be a great opportunity to thank her for putting up with you while you were such an idiot. If you have been an obnoxious jerk to your best man during the last month, this is your time to thank him for not pummeling you when he had the opportunity.

Practice and Make Sure You Both Participate

You want this to truly represent the thoughts of both of you. This means that you should write the speech together and figure out parts for both of you are going to deliver it. This will make it so that it truly is a bride and groom thank you speech instead of just one of you hogging the stage. You want everyone to feel like this speech is the sentiment of both of you and that can only be accomplished if you include both of you in the speech.

As part of that, you should practice this quite a bit. At least a few times before the wedding reception practice the speech that the two of you put together. You should have a clear outline of the order of who you want to think, what you want to say, and who will say it and you should spend a few different opportunities to be able to practice this with each other. By doing so your speech will come across very polished and will be a lot more sincere looking because of your well-rehearsed banter.

You want to have an incredible wedding, and working together in this way will only ensure that it is that much better.

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