Brother of the Bride Speech Ideas & Examples

Seems like a bomb has exploded when his dear little sister, who was sitting beside her fiancé, suddenly announced that they’re getting married. Oh well, what she told them doesn’t come as a surprise because the whole family already expects that their relationship will end up in a church wedding. What actually caught them by surprise is that they didn’t expect it to happen so soon. And so soon would mean that he would be the brother of the bride who would be making a speech on his sister’s wedding.

He felt sad and happy, especially when his dear sister told him to prepare a speech on her wedding day. Well, that’s great, it’s an honor on his part, but big brother is not comfortable talking in front of many people, especially during his baby sister’s special day.

Brother of the Bride Speech

It’s his sister’s wedding and giving in to what she like him to do would mean a lot to her. As the brother of the bride, he has no other choice but to prepare a speech. The speech must not be an ordinary speech. It should be something which can express his love and fondness for his sister. It should express his happiness for the wedding of his sister. The speech should be able to leave a great impact to all the people who will attend the wedding. His speech should be interesting, informative, entertaining and should make the ball roll so that everybody will really enjoy listening to his speech.

Part of the program is to let the brother of the bride make a speech. This is a great opportunity for him to thank the couple and all the people who have joined them on this special day. It is also the right time to congratulate the newlyweds and to welcome the groom as a new member of the family.

Not all of the invited guests knew who you are, hence, it is important for you to introduce yourself before you make your speech.

Brother of the Bride Speech Preparation

1. Check the Internet

Preparing the speech will not be easy because he doesn’t know what to say. It would be his first time to make a speech. He has to do some research works to come up with a unique and beautiful speech. He can check the internet and find the brother of the bride speech examples. These examples can help him create a memorable speech that the groom and the bride will never forget. There is also the brother of the bride speech templates and brother of the bride speech samples that can help him get some ideas in preparing his speech.

2. Speech should Neither be Long or Short

The speech should not be too short or too long to give a chance to other guests to share to the newlyweds and all the other guests what they have in mind. A long speech will most likely bore the audience and will limit the time for all the other activities planned by the coordinator.

3. Considering the Audience or Guests

Before making the speech, it is important to consider the wedding guests or the audience so that the content of the speech will cater to everybody’s interest. It should also be specific and not hitting around the bush so that the audience will understand what he is saying.

4. Be Sure to Get the Audience Attention

When finally the coordinator calls the brother of the bride to make his most awaited speech, he should see to it that his audience is already comfortable and are already looking at him. If not, the brother of the bride speech jokes can break the ice to make everybody comfortable. The brother of the bride speech funny can also make his audience at ease and be interested in what he is going to say.

How to Deliver the Speech Effectively?

The wedding is a solemn ceremony where everybody, especially the immediate members of the family is emotional. After the wedding ceremony, reception follows. Delicious meals are served. There is, of course, an emcee or events coordinator who tells everybody what should be done before, during and after the meals are served. The coordinator prepares a program of activities that will make the celebration more wonderful and memorable.

To make his speech more effective and lively, the brother of the bride speech quotes can give everybody something to think about that they can also apply in their personal life.

All of these tips and guidelines to make an effective speech can be found in the free brother of the bride speech examples.

Importance of Brother of the Bride Speech

The brother’s speech is important because during his speech he can share with everybody what he thinks about his sister and her husband. He can share the childhood memories he treasured with his sister. He can tell everybody how fond he is of his sweet little sister. Part of the speech would also express how he felt about his sister’s husband and on their wedding. He ends his speech by wishing the new couple happiness and a great life ahead.

Example of the Brother of the Bride Speech 

Hi, before anything else, I would like to congratulate the new couple, my dear sister Lou and her husband Ding. In spite of their hectic schedule, they were able to come up with this successful event. This, of course, will not be possible without the help and support of the whole family, the events coordinator and everybody.

Maybe some of you are already wondering why I am standing here. I am Peter, Lou’s older brother. Just like all of you here I’m excited and very happy for the new life my dear sister has chosen. I’m sad and happy now. Why sad, because one member of the family will soon leave us. Happy, because we have a new member in the family, my sister’s husband, and their children.

When Lou told us that she’s getting married I was really speechless. Our parents were shocked because even if we’re expecting this to happen, we didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

My sister and I grew up together. We were inseparable then, that’s why some people would think that we’re twins. Lou is the baby of the family and even if she’s already a grown-up lady, she’s still the apple of the eyes of the family.

Lou is a good girl, she’s sweet and thoughtful. I remember Lou taking care of me when I was sick. She stayed the whole night in my room to take care of me so that dad and mom can rest. Well, I will surely miss my dear nurse.

As a little girl, Lou is very responsible. She helps mom with the household chore, that’s why mom has saved a lot for not getting a household helper. She’s diligent and intelligent which makes her a consistent honor student. She’s also funny, that’s why we can still manage to smile and laugh even if we’re confronted with some problems.

If we can only stop time, we would do it so that Lou will always be a little girl. Maybe you’ll say we’re selfish, but that’s just our way of expressing how this little girl had given color to our life.

When Lou met Ding, she tried her best to balance her time so she could have time for Ding, for her family, her studies and to attend to her other works. She’s like Wonder Woman. Lou and I still have time to play even if she has already her Ding.

Well, if we can only turn back the hands of time, I will still have second thoughts about going back just to have you as our little girl. I wouldn’t want Ding to feel lonely and sad because of us.

Lou will always be our little girl. My Dad and Mom are grateful that Ding came into her life. We have witnessed how much they loved each other. Ding, thank you for taking care of her, for understanding her and for loving her.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ding to our family.

(Peter raised his glass to propose a toast)

Here’s to welcome a new member of the family and to wish the newlyweds happiness and a successful married life with their children.


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