Central Coast Wedding Cakes

Central Coast Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is one of the centrepieces at a wedding reception. Everyone loves to see it and watch the couple cut the cake. And if you have found this page, then chances are you are looking Central Coast wedding cakes.

A wedding cake is a traditional cake which is normally served at the wedding reception. It started back in ancient Greece and the wedding cake tradition has evolved out of a few ethnic traditions. In ancient Rome, wheat or barley was broken over the head of the bride to give good fortune. In 16th and 17th century Europe is was served as a ‘bride’s pie’ where guests were expected to have a piece out of politeness. In Medieval England, the cake was stacked as high as possible and the bride and groom had to kiss over it. If they managed to kiss it meant a prosperous life together. This is where the Croquembouche started.

Traditionally, the wedding cakes England and America was a plum or fruit cake. The fruit cake was a sign of fertility and prosperity. It was covered in white icing, because it was a sign of a high social status and because ‘white’ was a sign of purity. The bigger the cake, the high the social standing.

Today, wedding cakes are not limited to just fruit cakes or just white tiered cakes. Wedding cakes are only limited to your imagination. We still cut the cake, but it is more of a symbol to two people starting their new life and journey together. So here are some amazing Central Coast wedding cake vendors who can supply you with the very best cakes for your wedding.

Project Cake

If you are searching for one of the best vendors for Central Coast wedding cakes then you just can’t go past Project Cake. They have been servicing the wedding industry in NSW for many year and I have personally seen their wedding cakes at dozens of weddings. Their work is simply stunning!

The owner of Project Cake is Jazz and she handcrafts her wedding cakes, from scratch, with love and care. Elegant and classic wedding cakes are her speciality and if you look through her website and cake portfolio, you will see a variety of styles, looks, colours and flavours. But all of them look extremely elegant and in a sense, timeless. Which is perfect for Central Coast weddings.

Phone: 0410 340 485

Here Are The Best Tips For How To Choose A Wedding Cake

The day of starting happily ever after is indeed a day of sheer bliss. Even the courtship period is full of so many mixed emotions. On the one hand, the excitement is at its peak, and on the other, the pangs of perfect preparations take a toll. But in the end, everything is worth it. Friends and relatives will help in picking the wedding costume, venue, décor, and everything else. But there is something that needs your undiverted attention- the wedding cake. Yes, this tempting baked item will be the attraction of the special event and memorable pictures.

Things to consider before finalizing the wedding cake

The confectionery industry has gone under tasty and beautiful changes lately. From mind-blowing flavours to intricately designed cakes, there are countless options to choose from. However, it is not just about aesthetic charm. Many significant factors are involved in the best wedding cake selection.

  • Delectable Baker- The foremost thing to do is to shortlist the promising bakers in the town. The internet has made it an easy task to know about popular and worthy pastry chefs. Look for the most popping names at the Google search bar. Instagram handles and Facebook pages have become reliable ways to see marvellous work and customer reviews. 
  • Mandatory Sampling- Well, it is not just a random cake but the D-day’s central fascination. There cannot be any room for ifs and buts. Go to the shop personally and try different slices. It will inform you about the taste, texture, softness, and sweetness.  Always ask for tasting the sample of the finalized cake. Generous and dedicated bakeries will be more than glad to offer it.
  • Weight & Height- There should neither be surplus nor deficit. Be a responsible host by avoiding food wastage. Chalk out the guest list and convey the same to the baker. A smart and experienced maker knows how many guests can be served with the cake’s decided weight. People often get lured with multiple tiers. Be conscious about complementing the couple’s and cake’s height.
  • Chancey Weather- People usually miss out on this point, but it is a vital thing that needs due consideration. A wedding on a humidly hot day would need extra care. The inability to store the giant cake in the venue’s freezer would melt the creamy decorations. Also, the non-availability of adequate cold temperature may sour the bread. Even non-seasonal fruity flavour may get spoiled. So, pick the season-friendly cake.
  • Flavour & Design– Finally, the most-waited stage comes. Cakes are no more just about the typical flavours. Creative confectioners have taken the flavours to unimaginable levels. Classic ones are safer options as they are well-liked by all, and they may also save some cost. But the modern and exotic flavours are too tempting to ignore. The guests would not stop praising the unique choice.
  • Décor Matching- Those having a colour coordination idea or a specific theme for the wedding décor must notice this point. Wearing a ballgown at a pyjama party would make a person feel odd and out of place. Similarly, the wedding cake must match the interior of the venue. A pastel floral décor with a vibrant geometric cake would look blunder. A mismatch would even ruin the pictures.
  • Beautifying Ad-on- It is an unsaid thing that the wedding cake has to look extraordinary. Just a look at it should confuse the onlookers whether to gobble it down or keep feasting the eyes. Frosting and fondant art is sweeping people off their feet. Put some cake accessories like original flowers, blooming candles, edible glitters, customized letters, and a mandatory cake topper.
  • Budgeted Price– Finalizing the wedding cake is an achievement but do not forget to discuss the price. Usually, bakers can give a definite figure of the billing amount beforehand. However, small and acceptable changes may occur in the baking and decorating process. Consider getting quotes from different bakers but do not get carried away by lesser price by compromising quality.
  • Delivery Facility- Deciding the wedding cake is one task and bringing it to the venue is another. Ensure smooth and timely delivery. Neither the guests nor the wedding couple should be kept awaited for the cake’s arrival. Multiple tier cakes are not delivered as a single setup piece. They are placed in separate boxes and then compiled at the wedding hall. Allow enough time matching with ceremonies. 
  • Probable Allergies- This is another vital thing usually missed out in excitement. If it is a wedding with just a few near and dear people, you may want to keep in mind their allergies. Else, for a whopping large gathering, it can get very difficult to cater to every person’s needs. However, the bride and groom cannot be ignored here. The couple will certainly have a spoon or two. Make sure they are not allergic to any ingredient.

Some of the common allergic bakery items

The bakers cannot predict this reactive thing. They may warn you, but it is the buyer who has to convey the same. Here are some of the common food allergens that the order placers may want to know:-

  • Fruits- Many people face itchiness or redness after having some fruits. These cannot be enumerated fully, as different people have different reactions. Citrus fruits like orange may need extra care. Several people cannot eat pineapples.
  • Bread- This is very crucial as the whole cake is made out of the dough. So, even a small bite may lead to unintended skin reactions or other health issues. Check for wheat reactions. One may also choose a gluten-free cake.
  • Dairy- Umpteen people cannot have foods and beverages based on milk and milk products. The cake decoration and dough making is usually a blend of eggs and milk. Convey these for suitable frosting.
  • Nuts- This is another common allergen. There are ample types of nuts, and the eater may be allergic to any specific one. Cashews, walnuts, almonds, dried berries, etc., can be some of the names.

Who knew even a cake selection would have so much to consider? It is vital to make such markings to enjoy the tastiest celebration of the prime wedding day.

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