Guide to the Mother of The Bride Speech

Every mother is the happiest woman when her daughter is getting married. This is a huge day and it is one of the most important ones in the life.

On the other side, as a mother you have a tough choice. You are going to need the best mother of the bride speech in order to get the most from the wedding. Now, this is a real pleasure and it is a great thing to do, but at the same time it is demanding and a serious step.

Keep in mind that you are going to need the best speech that can make the whole wedding better. A great thing is that mother of the bride speech to her daughter is very simple if you know what are you doing.

There are a lot of things you should know, before starting the speech. These guidelines can be treated as tips and they are more important than you can imagine.

Keep in mind that following most of the tips is the best thing you can do. In any case, here are the best tips you must use:

Don’t Forget the Partner

Most mothers will pay attention only to their daughters. This is a mistake and a proper speech of this type must include a groom and his family. It is a great thing to thank them for the contribution they had for the wedding and to compliment them. The situation is the same for the man of honor and bridesmaid.

Keep Your Mother of the Bride Speech Short

Just because you are a happy mother, doesn’t mean you should talk for hours. Keep it short and make sure your speech is no longer than 1.000 words. In any case, you should be able to read it in less than 10 minutes. On the other side, the speech can be as short as 40 seconds, just make sure you cover all the aspects. In any case, speak slowly and understandable. Don’t rush and pay attention to the details.

Mention achievements of your Daughter

It is a great thing to do if you can mention a few achievements of your daughter. However, never use statistics, grades and similar things, simply because they are boring and annoying. If you know something great about the groom, you can mention it as well.

Use a story

Ask for secrets and stories that your daughter has in the school or in personal life. Make sure she doesn’t know that you know that story. Then tell it in a funny way. Of course, you shouldn’t use intimate or personal secrets. A funny and short event is the best choice.

Explain where is the father

If it is just you (the Mother) making the speech, make sure you mention where the father is and why he is absent. Keep in mind that you can have the speech, even if he is present. For example, some fathers are shy, so they will prefer you have the speech.

You are proud of your daughter

Keep in mind that you are proud of your daughter and you must mention it. Don’t forget this tip, simply because it is very important and all the guests will be thrilled when you use it. On the other side, it is the simplest tip you can use and it is a great addition to any type of speech. If you use funny mother of the bride speech this tip is even more important, simply due to the fact it will have an opposite effect, from the funny speech you used.

Relax into your Speech

If you are under a lot of stress and you cannot hold the speech, make sure you find some way to relax yourself. In any case, don’t try to talk under a lot of stress, simply because you will make a lot of mistakes. In any case, have a drink or dance (relaxes you) and after that you will be ready. In addition, if you had one drink too many, don’t try to hold the speech, or you will cause a negative effect.

Dos and Don’ts for the Mother of the Bride Speech

No matter how much experience you have, weddings are defined by trends. This means that every year something should be done, while something else must be eliminated.

These are dos and don’ts that you should use in order to get the most from the speech.

In addition, you don’t have to use all of these, but the more you use, the better the speech and the wedding will be.


  • Practice the speech. The more you practice, the better the speech will be.
  • Get an advice from the daughter. Pay attention to what speech she would have.
  • Have a speech with your husband and together make the most from it.
  • Must look great. You are going to be in the center of the attention, so you must look awesome.
  • Speak clearly and loud.
  • Make sure you don’t make mistakes.
  • Have notes ready in front of you. Keep them on small pieces of paper.
  • If you cannot be funny, don’t try.
  • Speak from the heart.
  • Don’t look sad or too serious. This is the happiest day.
  • Wish all the best things in the speech.


  • Make the speech too long. Nobody will listen to you.
  • Wear white. This is the color for the bride.
  • Wear skirts if you don’t like it.
  • Use personal and serious things from the life of your daughter.
  • Forget about the groom and his family.
  • Give advices on how the couple should live.
  • Forget the husband.
  • Use quotes. They are reserved for the bridesmaid and man of honor.

The most important rules you will have to use

As aforementioned, there are a lot of tips that can help you get the best speech of this type. On the other side, there are some rules that must be obeyed. If you don’t use them, you will end up with a bad speech and it will look catastrophic.

  • Mention all of them

You must mention in your speech the bride, the son in law, his family and the guests. Always use this order.

  • Write a speech a few weeks before the wedding

By doing this, you will have a lot of time to get the most from your speech and to correct your speech seriously. You can improve it and learn it by heart. Never write a speech 2 days or 1 day before the wedding. It will have a catastrophic effect.

  • Don’t be too much focused on the bride

Yes, she is your daughter and you love it, but you must mention all the people there, not just one. On the other side, the accent must be on the bride, so pay attention to this rule, it may be a tricky one.

  • Keep it short and direct

Never use too long speeches that try to say a lot, but don’t say anything. Make sure your speech is short and direct. It should last up to 10 minutes, but a shorter speech is also a great idea.

  • Don’t use the same speech you found somewhere

Although, using the Google and similar things to get the idea for the speech is a great thing, never use the same speech in every detail. This type of speech must be direct and adjusted to your daughter, so makes sure it is unique. On the other adding, useful tips and guidelines is more than just recommended.

Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

Here are some examples of this type of speech. They are the best you can get and they are perfect for even most demanding brides.

‘’When she was little (bride) she was able to see the best in everything. I am very happy to say that she found a man who has only the best in his heart.’’

‘’It is a real pleasure to see you two here today. You had a lot of storms, but you beat all of them. Now, everything is going to be easier, simply because you are going to live one life, so you are going to be stronger than ever. It is the most important day in your lives, and I wish you that every next day brings the same amount of happiness as this one.’’

‘’I love you both, this is the first thing I have to tell you. In fact, I love you to the moon and back and I will always do.’

‘’I want to congratulate to the bride and the groom. I want to thank to his family and to a man of honor and the bridesmaid. Also, I want to thank all the guest for coming and to wish them a great time. Don’t forget that this is your day (bride and groom) and you should have it as you want it. In any case, have a great time and don’t ever forget this day.’’

‘’Both of you have mine and my husband’s blessing that will last forever. I want to wish you all the best, a lot of love and happiness in your life and I want to say how much I am proud of you too.’’

‘’Since the day my daughter met (groom) she is the happiest girl on the planet. Knowing that he will be near her for the rest of the life makes me as happy as she is. All I wish for you two is to be together, because you two are the happiest when you are together and you can beat everything.’’

‘’Live the rest of your life as you are going to live this day.’’

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