Have you just got Engaged?

Just Engaged? Here are our tips on what you should do if you are planning a Central Coast wedding.

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What should you do once you are engaged?

Firstly a huge CONGRATS on your engagement from us at Coast wedding! Your engagement is an amazing time in your life and you should totally enjoy this whole crazy journey you are on 🙂

Here are a few overall tips to get you started!

We have been on this whole engagement, marriage ride so are speaking from experience 🙂

Enjoy everything – Planning a wedding can get a little overwhelming and stressful. Try to have fun with it and enjoy every part together as a couple. If things start to get too stressful, take a break from it. Do something fun together and come back with new joy and enthusiasm.

Make your wedding about YOU – well-meaning family and friends may try to push their opinions on you. Telling you when and where you should have your wedding, who should come to your wedding, what you need to do at your wedding. The two of you and your connection are the whole reason for the day so don’t lose sight of that and do things just because you feel you should. As a couple, make sure you talk about what your priorities are for your wedding.

And ultimately…..HAVE FUN!

What is your wedding budget?

I know, I know not the most exciting thing to think about. But probably something you should put a little thought into before throwing yourself into planning your wedding. Before you start looking at venues or trying on dresses and falling in love, it is probably best to have an idea of how much you want to spend.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

The first thing you should do is to choose your wedding venue. Your whole wedding day will be based around the wedding venue you choose. Have you always pictured yourself getting married overlooking the ocean or do you absolutely love a rustic country wedding? Think about the setting that you would love to get married, then look for venues within that theme. The venue is the canvas on which you can style your wedding to give it the look and feel that is you!

You will need to have an idea of the number of guests you plan on having, as that will be a huge factor in choosing a venue. Some venues can comfortably cater to 100+ guests, others are better suited to smaller more intimate weddings. Once you have decided on the venue you could be capped on the number of people you can invite. Which might be a good thing if you want to keep it small!

A wedding venue will also be the backdrop for your wedding photos and video. So you want it to look good, but also work with what you are after.

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Choose a date for your wedding

Once you have chosen a venue, you need to lock in a wedding date in based on their availability.

Choosing a wedding date can be a personal decision based on many, many factors. Often it is based on when you can get time off work, or when family & friends are around. You might also try for a special date for the two of you like your current anniversary. I married my husband exactly a year to the day that he proposed 🙂 Your favourite season is also a great way to decide when to have your wedding. Be it the long warm (sometimes very hot!) summer days, beautiful autumn or springtime when nature is working its wonders, or the cooler winter months with its stunning afternoon light. you could see what dates your venue has free that season and work from there.

Find a Team of awesome Central Coast Vendors for Your Wedding

So this may be the first time you have planned a wedding. So choosing vendors for your wedding can be a difficult task unless you are already in the industry.

It is a great idea to get recommendations from any family & friends as they may have the first-hand experience with working with them. But please check out our Vendor Directory. We have tried to find the best wedding vendors who are in or who service the Central Coast region.

The first vendor we suggest you book is an awesome wedding photographer and then a wedding stylist or planner and an amazing celebrant. These guys book out quickly, so often it’s worth seeing if their availability matches up with dates that your venue is available.

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Styling and Wedding Flowers

Once you have your venue, your date and a few key wedding vendors, you can start some more fun stuff. Styling and decorating your wedding.

Determine the style and look of your wedding you want but don’t forget to think of what flowers will be in season when you get married. An awesome florist/ stylist will be able to work with you to create the look you want with what is available.

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Find the perfect wedding dress

Wedding dresses take time especially if you are looking at a custom design, it could take 6-8 months from the original consult. Think about the style of wedding you are planning does the dress suit it? Pro tip from us… try to find a dress that you move in unassisted and are still able to party with.

Engagement Photos?

Engagement photos are a great way to get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera and to get to know your photographer as well! Plus, they are really fun and a great way to celebrate your engagement. Pro tip from us… do the session somewhere completely different to your wedding location. That way you get photos that look totally different.

Is it too early to talk Honeymoon??

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Planning your Honeymoon could even be more fun than planning your wedding!?! Planning your first holiday away together as a married couple… so exciting!!

Whether you are planning your honeymoon on the Central Coast, around Australia or overseas, we’ve scouted some amazing places to inspire you to have the most romantic or adventurous Honeymoon.

So, we hope we can inspire your Central Coast wedding and help you find awesome vendors. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the ride!! ♥

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