Irish and Scottish Wedding Speech & Toasts

With no offense intended toward either those who are Scottish or the Irish, the fact of the matter is that both cultural groups know how to celebrate. That is no truer than during a wedding. This is one of the most momentous occasions in a person’s life, and so it is properly celebrated.

The food that is served during the reception is phenomenal and everyone is sure to come home that night barely able to breathe. There are so many great dishes to savor and a lot of it to consume, clearly no one goes home hungry at all.

Of course, there is also plenty to drink as the festivities give everyone who attends the opportunity to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage so they can truly enjoy the night to its fullest. It does not matter what relation you have to the groom or bride, if you have one at all, there will be plenty of beverages to consume as well.

Getting the Newlyweds off on the Right Foot

While these parts of the reception are a big deal, the truth is that those who are gathered are there to see the bride and groom get their wedding off on the right foot. They want to see the newlyweds have a great marriage, and the entire reason for the celebration is to commemorate this beautiful occasion. You can say whatever you want about the Scottish and the Irish, but the truth is that they are very sentimental people who want to see the marriage have great success.

A major part of the “wishing of good fortune” comes in the toasts that are made to the couple. In many countries the toasts are merely nothing more than a formality, but that is not true in these cultures. To the Irish and the Scots, the toast is a huge deal which has important significance. This significance is important for many people at the reception.

Of course, everyone wants to wish the happy couple he very best. This is a huge day for them, so there is needs to be a lot of wishes for success. They are starting an epic journey which will hopefully last a life time, and the wish is for a life time of communal bliss with one another. This is what is commemorated in the toast.

The toast is also important for the person giving it. You do not want to say anything that is not intended to wish the happy couple anything other than the best possible marriage imaginable. To do anything that is otherwise is considered incredibly disrespectful and is akin to spitting in someone’s face. This is why it is very important to make sure that the toast that is given is one that truly commemorates and wishes the couple the very best success.

Tips on Giving the Toast

There will be examples of toasts given later, but there is also nothing wrong with deciding to give your own toast. You can give an outstanding toast that can really wish the couple well, and let them know how happy you are about their nuptials. Here are some tips for you to help in creating that toast.

Speak from the Heart – there is nothing that says how happy you are for the couple than telling them exactly how you feel from your heart. If you have known the couple for some time, or at least one member, reflecting upon how happy you are because you have known the bride, groom, or both for some time really makes for a heartfelt wish that will get many choked up. It does not hurt to be emotional yourself. You should be really happy for their wedding bliss, and this can be seen in your tears of joy.

Don’t Look to Be Clever – many people decide to make a toast and think that this is the time to add some kind of clever comment that they think will get a big laugh. This is not a roast. This event is about wishing the couple well, and so this needs to be your focus. While it may seem funny to make fun of the bride or groom, don’t! They will likely not find it as humorous as you intend.

Now, with that being said, it is ok to tell an amusing story that shows how the person has grown into a fine young man or woman. For example, if you knew the groom when he was six and have an amusing, but not embarrassing story to tell, this can be a fun addition to your toast. Be careful what you include and use your head. This is to be a celebration and the last thing you need is someone taking offense to what you said.

Keep Your Toast Short – this is a common mistake that people make. They get up and start to talk and before you know it, they have made this 10 or 15 dissertation. This not a good idea. Honestly, and this is no offense to you personally, most people do not want to hear you prattle on. They came for the wedding, not for you. Also consider that a lot of other people will have things to say, so be polite and give others time. A minute is the optimal length, and if you cannot fit your toast in that duration of time then you likely don’t really have anything that needs to be said to everyone. Tell it to the bride and groom privately.

Know Your Place – it is also important to understand that order in which people toast. At most weddings in these cultures there are four people who traditionally speak to get things started. They are the bride’s father, the clergyman, a close friend of the couple and then there is a general toast to the “Happy Couple.” Understand how this order works before jumping in. After these four toasts, the groom will normally say something before the toasts go further.

So What Are Some Great Examples for Wedding Toasts?

Now that you have some ideas of what to say, here are some great examples of toasts that fit perfectly into the reception at a Scottish or Irish wedding. They can also work perfectly for anniversaries.

For Scottish, there are several traditional toasts that area little humorous and sentimental that are ideal to use. One of the favorites of many is this one:

This is one that many like and is always a winner to go with.

Since most toasts are geared toward wishing blessings on the couple, there are several you can choose from or use as ideas that can make for a great toast. Here are a few.

The traditional Irish toasts are not much different in character. A successful marriage and good health are the focus of what is wished and so this should be the crux of your toast. Here are some examples:

With any of these choices you should be a real success. No doubt about it.

“May the best ye’ve ever seen

Be the worst ye’ll ever see

May a moose ne’er leave yer girnal

Wi’ a tear drap in his e’e

May ye aye keep hale an’ he’rty

Till ye’re auld eneuch tae dee

May ye aye be jist as happy

As we wish ye aye tae be”

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