Maid of Honour Duties & Responsibilities

Getting married is not only something every girl dreams of from when they were little. It is a day not full of emotions but also a lot of stress and responsibilities.

To handle everything by herself is unimaginable for the bride, and this is where Maid of Honour comes in a form of a right hand who handles all of the little details every wedding needs to be just perfect.

Her responsibilities are very important, so Maid of Honour is someone close to the bride, an old friend who knows exactly how to organize everything to be just the way the bride imagined it.

Maid of honour responsibilities

  • Wedding is not only celebration of love, it is also serious work too. Maid of honour is the one in charge of bridesmaids and their duties, and she also leads their whole group. Maid of honor instructs them to their obligations, but she is also in charge of bridesmaid’s dresses and jewelry. All of them need to dressed the same and fulfill their duties on time, so that the whole schedule can work smoothly.
  • Choosing the right dress is everything. When a bride is picking out her dress, this important moment can’t pass without her Maid of honour. She is there to help her friend, support her and tell her how beautiful she looks. Every bride should choose a dress in which she feels like her dream has come true, so Maid of honour is there to support her through that big moment. Maid of honour has the obligation to pay for her outfit, so shoes, dress and jewelry is all on her.
  • Another responsibility is to help the bride pick her wedding theme, colors and invitations. Everything needs to be on track, so maid of honour needs to keep the bride grounded and help her to fulfill her pre-wedding obligations. Invitations need to be chosen and sent, colors need to be picked as well as the entire wedding theme. Maid of honour can even offer her help with all of these tasks, if the bride feels overwhelmed.
  • Maid of honour also needs to inform everybody about where the future spouses are registered. This is important for all of the guests, and for the bride’s and groom’s family if they are not familiar with the fact.
  • After the ceremony is over, brides usually change into something more comfortable, so maid of honour’s responsibility is also to store her wedding dress somewhere safe until the honeymoon is over and the bride is back home. This means that maid of honor needs to be there for the bride when she is changing from her gown, if the dress is complicated and she needs a helping hand.
  • One of the most important maid of honour duties, is to be an emotional support for the bride. Weddings can be very stressful and sometimes brides just need someone to listen to them while they go on and on about the same things. Maid of honor can even give helpful advices when they are asked, just to ensure their bride stays on track and doesn’t feel too stressful.
  • Bachelorette party is another important duty. It is considered to be the last night when the bride is “free” and not committed for life. Maid of honour is here in charge of almost everything, and her duty is to ensure that the bride has “time of her life”. The guests usually include bridesmaids and the location and activities are maid of honour’s duty.
  • It is not unusual to have parties before the actual wedding. This is of course something that is optional. Maid of honour is again the main host of all of these events where friends and family come together to “prepare” and celebrate before the actual celebration.
  • Gift is something that is very important for the newlyweds. They don’t have just material value, they are also a sign of respect and love guests show them. They represent gratitude for the beautiful ceremony the newlyweds have provided for them, and also a good luck gift for the spouses new life they are about to start. This responsibility is given to the maid of honor, who needs to keep track of the gifts received on the parties and showers. Maid of honor can even pass on this duty to the trustworthy bridesmaid if she thinks that is necessary.
  • When it comes to ceremony, maid of honor needs to coordinate all of the bridesmaids and help them understand what are their responsibilities during the ceremony. They need to be coordinated and do their duties according to plan, so that everything can go along as planned.
  • Before the actual wedding, all of the bridesmaids need to get ready on time. This includes their make-up, their hair and nails, and they all need to be dressed and with their bouquets just in time for the ceremony.
  • Maid of honour holds the ring while the ceremony is in progress. She then passes on the ring to the groom.
  • Taking care of bride’s dress and her veil is another very important duty. Bride needs to be carefree and able to enjoy her ceremony without being disturbed by her long train. She might also help during bride’s dancing during reception.
  • Maid of honour needs to provide her helping hand when the future spouses exchange their wedding vows. She holds bride’s bouquet until the vows are spoken and then she hands it back to the bride.
  • Maid of honour is not only a helping hand, she is also a marriage witness. She signs the marriage certificate as a witness together with groom’s best man.
  • Maid of honour can circle around the guests and help the groom while he does the same in the receiving line. This duty is not obligatory since the bride can have someone else do this role instead of maid of honor).
  • Her responsibility is also to guide the guests to their seats, to help them if they have questions and make sure everyone is seated where they are planned. This is a very important and exhausting duty, so all of the bridesmaids help along.
  • If guests bring envelopes during reception, maid of honour needs to receive these envelopes and put them in a safe place. This big responsibility is only trusted to the maid of honor.
  • This big day is all about the newlyweds. Maid of honour is responsible that the bride gets everything she needs, so this includes food as well. Sometimes weddings can be very hard on the bride and groom, and from all of the guests they can forget to enjoy themselves like they are supposed to. This is why maid of honour is there to help the bride get her meal, make sure her entrée is fresh and that her drink is filled.
  • Maid of honour and the best man get to dance during the party or ceremony, and they are also presented as a couple in the beginning. She can dance with other groomsmen and the groom.
  • Another beautiful thing is telling everybody present, how much it means to her the whole ceremony and how important the bride and groom are to her. This can be said during the toast and although this part is not necessary, it is always nice to hear few words from the heart, during this important day. Best man is the one who gives the toast first, and maid of honor can do the same afterwards.
  • Maid of honor needs emotional support. This day is filled with emotions, tears and heart felt words. She needs to keep the bride supplied with tissues, keep her looking beautiful and be there for her when she needs someone to listen to her during this important period of time.

And lastly, brides need to feel as less stressed as possible. Good sense of humour or a positive reassuring is something crucial that every maid of honor should give to her bride.

This very important event in our life brings not only joy of new beginnings, but it can also become very stressful very fast.

So, maid of honour should always keep her bride smiling and support her during her emotional periods.

Maid of honour is a very important role. This is why this role is given to a person who knows the bride well.

She is often times her best friend who knows how to keep her supported and strong during wedding preparations.

This big day brings many beautiful things, but it also considers a lot of work for everyone.

This is why maid of honour needs to be there for the bride, to listen to her and help her in every possible way.

Even though it is not that easy, and stress is a big probability, it is also a presentation of great respect and love one friend feels for another friend, which she shows by naming her maid of honour.

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