Sister of the Bride Speech Ideas & Examples

For many women, their sister has become their very best friend. There is a very special bond between sisters, or at least there should be. When there is, there is no greater advocate or friend that one can have than the loving adoration of their sister.

If this is the kind of relationship that you have with your sister, but you can be sure that when she came to tell you the great news that she was getting married there was probably no one happier for her than you. To know that your sister, whether older or younger than you, had finally found the man of her dreams must have made you feel quite elated. It’s a great moment for both of you.

Making Your Feelings Known

You want to let your sister know how incredibly happy you are that she has found the man of her dreams. Yes, you could just tell this to her directly, but it would mean so much more to the both of you if you delivered an amazing sister of the bride speech at her wedding reception. This would be your opportunity to share those wonderful thoughts that you would been having since she told you the good news, and to do within a forum where everyone can share in the joy that you are feeling. What an amazing moment this will be.

At least, that is how it should be. Sadly, many women do not repair themselves to deliver such an important speech, and things don’t go the way that they envisioned. This is your chance to ensure that you make this the great moment that you truly wanted to be.

Preparing Your Speech

There will be a point during the wedding reception where you will get your opportunity to share your thoughts on your beloved sister. You will be able to tell the heartfelt things you would like to say to her to let her know how happy you are that she has found the man of her dreams.

You want this to be a very cherished moment for all, but that will not occur if you do not properly prepare yourself. Most people think that when they get the opportunity to speak in front of a large group that it will not be that big a deal because of the fact that they are talking about their beloved sister.

However, it will probably have been a very long day to this point and you will likely be quite nervous. This can cause you to become flustered and forgetful, leading to your inability to really gather your thoughts in the way that you truly wanted to do. This is why putting together a speech well in advance pays off.

No one is asking you to be writing the Gettysburg Address. You don’t need to have a 25-minute speech, and you should be quite discouraged to do so in fact. Many other people there will want the opportunity to speak and so you want to keep your comments brief, yet effective. This is how preparing your speech in advance can really help you.

Gather Your Thoughts

The first thing that you want to do is to write the ideas of what you would like to say down on a piece of paper. If you are struggling to figure out the direction that you want your speech to go it may be a good idea to go out and search to see sister of the bride speech examples. This will give you some ideas of what other sisters have said. In no way do you need to copy what they have said, but it can give you some good ideas of where to begin.

Once you have written down a few ideas of what you would like to stay, the next thing to do is to just sit and think about that for a little bit. You don’t need to write your entire speech at that moment. The truth is that you will probably forget some things that you really wanted to say and, as time passes, you will likely find that there are some things that you added on to that list originally that just don’t seem as important. This is why spending a little bit of time thinking about it can greatly benefit you.

Speech Outline

After you’ve had a little time to think about this, then it would be a good idea to start building yourself an outline. The outline will give you a very clear pattern of how you want your speech to go. Again, if you are struggling to find exactly how you want to develop your speech, then look at some sister of the bride speech templates to see how others may have built their speeches.

Keep in mind as you are developing your own speech that while you want to create one that is truly meaningful there is no reason for you to be reinventing the wheel. If others have some good ideas of what you could use in your own speech, then why not use them? Don’t copy someone else’s speech word for word, but if they have some good ideas there’s nothing wrong with incorporating them into your own speech.

What Kind of Speech Do You Want to Deliver?

One thing you really want to ask yourself is what is the tone of the speech that you were really trying to look for. This is a special moment between sisters where you really want to express how happy you are for your beautiful sibling. This is where you need to ask yourself how you can best accomplish that, and part of doing that is determining the tone of the speech itself.

Are you looking to develop an older sister of the bride speech? Maybe the younger sister of the bride speech is more appropriate for your relationship? Where you fit into the family may be a determining factor on how you develop your speech.

As part of trying to figure out the tone of the speech, it is also important to develop how you want to speech to sound. If you and your sister have always had a kind of goofy relationship with one another, then maybe you’re looking to develop a sister of the bride speech funny focused. Maybe you want to share an amusing story or two about your relationship with your sister that would make the both of you laugh and would entertain all the people at the wedding reception.

This can be an amazing kind of speech, but you should be cautioned to make sure that the story or stories that tell are not ones that can be humiliating or degrading to your sibling. This is her very special occasion and the last thing you want to do is to do something that can be greatly embarrassing to her. This is why you want to make sure that your story is appropriate.

Love Your Sister

The most important part of your entire sister of the bride speech is that you want to share your love and happiness that you have for your sister and her new husband. You want to make sure that your heartfelt desire for a beautiful and amazing marriage comes across well, and that she knows that you could not possibly be happier for her.

This is the incredible moment that two sisters can share their love for one another, and the best part about it is that all the people that are at the reception get to share in that moment. You want to fully embrace this and love each other with all your heart, and that starts by writing a speech that shares that kind of sentiment.

This is your amazing sister. The tendency for some is to wait to the last minute to put this together. She deserves much more than that from you. She deserves to know that you truly love and care about her. This can truly be accomplished by doing your most to share your thoughts and feelings with her. Take some time and write a speech that really shares how much you love and care about her. Let the beauty of that moment be one that is special for both of you for the rest of your lives.

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