6 Central Coast Churches For Your Wedding

Central Coast Chruches

If you are searching for Central Coast churches for your wedding, then you have come to the right place!! I have travelled up and down the coast looking for the best churches for weddings. Churches that have a bit of character and that will look beautiful in your wedding photos.

Getting married in a church will be a must for many. Not only because they are a beautiful and traditional place to get married. But there is also the spiritual aspect. There can be a lovely connection when you say your wedding vows to each other in a Church. Saying them in front of not only your friends and family but also God.

While many would ideally get married in their own church, some couples may not have one they attend regularly. But still getting married in a church is still very important to them.

Or you may be on the lookout for a church close to your wedding reception venue. To ensure your guests don’t have to travel to far between the ceremony and reception. The great thing is that you can book these gorgeous churches and you have the option to invite your own priest or minister to perform your ceremony.

Central Coast Church Weddings

As with any church, they do have certain requirements to get married within the church. You should contact them to find out all the details. Generally speaking, you will need to provide proof that you or your partner have been baptised. You will need to meet with the priest or minister prior just as you would any marriage celebrant. Some will require you to attend pre-marriage education programs. Which is a wonderful chance to understand the meaning of the sacrament of marriage. And it will ensure you and your partner are on the same page. You may also be requested to attend a few services at the church in the lead up to your wedding.

Another wonderful thing about a church wedding is that you needn’t worry as much about the weather as you have an indoor ceremony location 🙂

In no particular order, here are 5 Central Coast churches for your wedding. And please send me a message if you think I missed a beautiful church on the Coast.

1. St Pauls Anglican Kincumber

St Pauls Anglican Kincumber is a lovely little sandstone church established in 1842.  It is better suited to a smaller wedding and can seat 60 people for a wedding, the limit is 70 with 10 standing at the back.

St Paul Anglican Kincumber

2. Holy Cross Catholic Church

Holy Cross Catholic Church is a beautiful little heritage-listed Catholic church located in Kincumber. Couples from outside the parish are welcome to use the churches especially if using their own clergy.

Holy Cross Catholic Church

3. St Cecilias Catholic Church

St Cecilias Catholic Church is a beautiful Catholic Church on the northern end of the Central Coast in the Wyong parish. It is one of the most spacious churches and definitely one of the prettiest. It may look unassuming from the front but it has a large interior that can hold some very large numbers.

Central Coast churches for your wedding
St Cecilias Catholic Church

4. Mangrove Mountain Union Church

Mangrove Mountain Union Church is a gorgeous little white church set up on a hill surrounded by 2 acres of idyllic bushland. It was built over one hundred years ago and they had their first wedding here in June 1918.

They have held many weddings in the years since then. And it is actually one of the few remaining union churches in Australia. Belonging to the local Christian community but not to a specific denomination.

Mangrove Mountain Union Church
Mangrove Mountain Union Church

5. St Barnabas Church Yarramalong

St Barnabas Church Yarramalong is a beautiful heritage-listed church in the Yarramalong Valley and built in 1885 is the oldest church in the Wyong Shire. Like Mangrove Mountain Union Church above it is one of the few churches on the coast available for interdenominational wedding ceremonies.

6. Gosford Anglican St Mary’s Church

Gosford Anglican St Mary’s Church Gosford Anglican is possibly one of the better-known churches on the Central Coast and for all the right reasons. Often being shown on social media for their brilliant message board, advocating for a range of important issues from asylum seekers, action on climate change and same-sex marriage.

While they have two churches in Gosford in which you can get married the larger Christ Church, St Mary’s is the more popular of the two for the wedding. Built originally in East Gosford in 1858 it was moved to its current site stone by stone in 1905. This beautifully restored heritage-listed church seats up to 90 people comfortably and as a huge bonus had air conditioning which is perfect for summer weddings. Dependant on another service on your day there is also the option of cocktails and canapés on the lawns to entertain your guests between the ceremony and reception.

Final Words on Central Coast Church Weddings

The Central Coast is a beautiful location for a wedding and it is also a beautiful location for a church wedding. There are some lovely churches up and down the coast and they are a great option for those couples looking for a more spiritual start to their married life.