40 Amazing Sydney Wedding Venues

40 Amazing Wedding Venues in Sydney

This is the best of the best… 40 amazing wedding venues in Sydney that are absolutely amazing for your wedding day. We have looked at all the venues we know of in Sydney and picked out our favourites that we know provide couples with an amazing experience.

Australia’s biggest city and New South Wales’s capital – Sydney offers what appears to be an
unlimited amount of wedding venue alternatives. If you’ve chosen to marry in this sprawling and lively metropolis, you might find it challenging to choose from the several Best Wedding Venues.

Your wedding day is something so special and stays with you for life. Every little detail about this day will be a fond memory in the future and choosing the right venue will ensure that you will look back at this day to find some of the most beautiful memories of your life. The beauty of this list of amazing wedding venues in Sydney is that they are all so different. There is a really good variety of wedding venues are perfect for any couples personal style and taste. There are grand, elegant venues and smaller rustic venues. But there should be something for everyone.

We have done some serious research to help couples find the perfect wedding venue that is right for them. So here is our list of 40 amazing Sydney wedding venues. They all have wonderful locations, they are known for their fantastic food and service. And we are confident that they will give you an amazing experience for your wedding day.

1. Sydney Opera House

Photo by Cavanagh Photography

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic place for your wedding, this opera house has been home to some of the greatest artists and performers the world has ever seen. It is truly an Australian landmark and one of the very best wedding venues in Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House offers two different spaces to choose from for your wedding.

Yallamundi Rooms – The Yallamundi rooms offer a beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour and feature floor to ceiling glass windows. You also get access to a dedicated bridal room and a private outside space. The venue can be split up into three separate rooms or fully opened for a much more open experience. It can accommodate weddings from 50 people to 180 people seated. And much more standing,

Utzon Room – This is a singular room, designed by the architect of the opera house himself, Jørn Utzon. Its western wall is adorned with a vibrant tapestry and the Eastern wall offers a beautiful view of the Sydney harbour. It can accommodate a wedding of 80 seated guests with a dance floor.

Here is what some past couples have said about their wedding at the Sydney Opera House.

Address: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 

2. Athol Hall

Photo courtesy of Athol Hall

This extraordinary venue is based in the Sydney Harbour National Park and is steeped in Australian history. It is a heritage-listed building and offers a classic Australian bush setting and an open view of Sydney Harbour. The beauty of this venue is that it is like a rustic country wedding venue, located right on Sydney Harbour. This is extremely rare and that is why it is one of the best wedding venues in Sydney.

Athol Hall was originally built as a private home in 1850. It was a five-room home called “Athol”. In the 1860s it was leased and extended and transformed into a hotel complex called Athol Gardens Hotel. It was considered a beautiful location for people wanting to enjoy a holiday. And it was one of several harbourside pleasure grounds opened on the lower north shore that became a popular recreation spot. In 1901, Athol Hall was constructed as a dance hall. It proved A huge success with the persons of the day, however, it soon fell into disrepute with local residents many of whom objected to immoral activities taking place within the grounds Athol Hall was closed down.

The next 80 years or so has seen Athol Hall used for a wide range of uses from military to St. John Ambulance training hall. In the 1990s it fell into disrepair being used for the occasional meeting or film shoot. In 1995 the National Parks and Wildlife leased Athol Hall and 20 acres of the parkland. The current, Athol Hall, incorporated part of the Athol Hall Gardens, but now has been fully renovated, while still keeping its historic charm.

Wedding ceremonies take place on the lawn in front of the wedding reception. It overlooks Sydney Harbour and has a lovely bush backdrop. There is a lovely entrance for couples, as they walk down the steps of Athol Hall into a long wedding aisle. After the wedding ceremony, there are lots of beautiful photo locations around the area. Including Athol Beach, which is just a short walk down a bush track, from the wedding ceremony area. This is a really quiet beach that you pretty much have to yourself and it has stunning cityscape views of Sydney and the harbour.

Wedding receptions in the historic hall can cater to weddings of up to 130 guests seated with a dancefloor or 200 people cocktail style. The renovations that have recently been made to the property are quite remarkable. They have turned it from a historic hall into a modern-day wedding venue that keep so much of its old charm. Extra windows let more of the outdoors in. New vaulted ceilings, new floors and new catering facilities have really pushed this venue to a new level.

This magnificent building, along with the spacious lawn create a really special setting for any wedding. The Athol beach, combined with the panoramic view of the Sydney harbour offers one of the most photogenic locations for your wedding. And this completely renovated reception space really make this one of the best wedding venues in Sydney.

Address: 2 Athol Wharf Rd, Mosman NSW

3. Gunners Barracks

Photography by Cavanagh Photography

Gunners Barracks is one of Sydney’s most popular venues for special events. Located within bushland of George Heights, Mosman and offering beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour. You can have your ceremony, photos and reception at this beautiful venue and it is popular. It is probably the premier wedding venue on the north shore of Sydney and it is generally booked out every weekend at least 18 months in advance. And rightly so, because Gunners Barracks is pretty awesome!

Designed by colonial architect James Barnet and constructed in 1873 the building has had many uses over the 130 years in which the military occupied the Middle Head and Chowder Bay precinct. It’s main use was as the command post for the coordination of all of Sydney Harbours defences. It was excavated into the cliffside and it was linked by tunnels that you can see when you visit there. These tunnels were part of fortifications that you see all around the Georges Head area. It was decommissioned in 2002 and began doing weddings as part of the Grand Pacific Group in 2005.

The beautiful waterfront venue offers three exclusive ceremony locations. The most famous area is the Gunner Barracks courtyard which has been the scene for thousands of Sydney couples over the years. The interior is beautifully styled and very elegant. The room itself needs very little decorating other than some florals on the tables. It is perfect for your wedding reception with a five-star dining experience and can accommodate up to 130 people.

Address: End of, Suakin Dr, Mosman NSW 

4. Q Station Manly

Q Station Manly, The Glasshouse

The Q Station Manly is a historic, former quarantine station located in a National Park at the entrance to Sydney Harbour at North Head. It is a collection of historic buildings set on 33 hectares in a beautiful Australian bushland landscape. And this is a very unique wedding venue location, and it offers you a range of different venues to choose for your ceremony and reception. There is also accommodation available onsite, so once you check-in, you can spend your entire weekend at the one location.

It is a large property, with many buildings spread out all over the land. Q Station Manly starts at the top of North Head and goes all the way down to the water’s edge. It is not only a wedding venue but it also has two restaurants,84 accommodation rooms and 12 function facilities. They also conduct historic tours and ghost tours.

It has been such an important part of our history for Australia and today with Covid-19 I think it shows how vital this place was. From the 1830s to the 1980s this quarantine station kept Australia safe from infectious diseases entering our country. Smallpox, bubonic plague and the Spanish flu of 1919 were all kept out of the Sydney community when infectious ships were detained there.

And throughout the property, you will see these historic buildings. From the wharf, where ships arrived, the shower block, where passengers were disinfected. To the hospital and morgue, which are said to be the most haunted places in Australia.

The ceremony locations include the headland overlooking Sydney Harbour, a recently renovated Glasshouse, The Woodlands or on a wharf right next to Quarantine Beach. You can also get in touch with Q Station to discuss other locations.

There are a number of locations for your wedding reception at Q Station, depending on your guest numbers and wedding style.

Governor Bourke Ballroom – Is the largest venue on the property and can fit 160 people seated with a dancefloor or 180 without a dancefloor. This is a heritage-listed building and features stunning harbour views, dark timber floors, tall ceilings and a large verandah.

The Dining Room – This wonderful room, which was formerly the Quarantine Station’s staff dining room and was built in the early 1900s, has just been renovated. It has a lovely long verandah that runs the length of the building, with views of bushland and Sydney Harbour. It can cater to weddings of up to 80 people seated.

The Glasshouse – The Glasshouse was built in 1957 and was originally utilised as a greenhouse for the Quarantine Station’s workers. Wedding couples are increasingly using it for beautiful images or festival-style events that make use of the outdoor location. It can accommodate 50 people inside and up to 150 outside

The Nurse Ford & Nurse Egan Rooms – These spaces are located in the historic Hospital Precinct of Q Station and are perfect for daytime weddings. It features beautiful views out over the harbour and each room can accommodate up to 75 wedding guests.

The amazing facilities, the natural environment and the historical setting, make Q Station Manly one of Sydney best wedding venues and a very popular choice for Sydney couples looking for something unique.

Address: 1 North Head Scenic Drive, Manly NSW

5. Deckhouse Woolwich

Photo courtesy of Deckhouse Woolwich

The Deckhouse has been one of Sydney’s most popular waterfront wedding venues since it first opened its doors on July 1, 2011. Deckhouse prides itself on its professionalism and appeal, offering first-class dining experiences as well as panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline.

It is located right on the water at Woolwich Dock and features a private bar, an exclusive outdoor terrace, and a beautiful wall to ceiling glass design. You get uninterrupted water views of the Sydney Harbour and Harbour bridge, direct wharf access for drop off/pickup via water taxi, and many more. In addition to this, you have access to a number of different spaces and can choose from a variety of packages to find one that perfectly fits your requirements. It can cater to weddings of up to 260 guests seated.

Address: Clarke Rd, Woolwich NSW

6. The Grounds of Alexandria

Photo courtesy of The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria offers an experience like no other. This Sydney wedding venue has had nature at the forefront of its design since it first began in April 2012. The beautiful and lush plants in this industrial city setting, offer a refreshing aesthetic for any wedding.

This is a former industrial car park, located in the inner city, that has been turned into a garden oasis. With multiple restaurants and cafes, a florist, a petting zoo and multiple venue options. Over the years The Grounds of Alexandria have become one of Sydney’s premier wedding venues. It started off with one space for weddings, and now it has developed into four.

You have a choice of 4 venues to pick from, each offering a unique experience.

The Garden – This is the space that started it all. The fountain, the fairy lights, fresh herbs and blossoming flowers. It has an abundance of greenery. Sydney had not seen an inner-city wedding venue like The Garden and it is a beautiful outdoor event space. The Garden can accommodate up to 180 people seated and 350 cocktail style.

The Atrium – The Atrium is an event space that brings the special touch of nature indoors, it has a Parisian-inspired Garden parlour that makes the indoor experience one that you can’t forget. The Atrium can cater to 11o people seated or 180 standing cocktail.

The Linseed House – The Linseed House was once a linseed oil factory that has been redesigned to offer a one-of-a-kind venue look. This amazing room is sure to take your breath away, with huge 10-meter high ceilings topped with four exquisite crystal chandeliers, arched windows that flood the space with natural light, elaborate parquet flooring, and its own private bar with mirrored ceilings. It is impressive. And it can hold up to 380 people seated or 600 standing.

The Patio – The Patio offers an outdoor experience like a beautiful forest clearing, the checkerboard floors and festoon lighting are the speciality of this venue. For weddings, it can accommodate up to 50 people seated.

Address: 7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 

7. Sergeants’ Mess

Photo courtesy of Sergeants Mess

This venue is in one of Sydney’s most beautiful locations. Located amidst native bushland, it offers spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour across to Camp Cove, Watson’s Bay and Rose Bay. The beautiful interior and the expansive harbour deck provide an excellent setting for any wedding. The reception venue even offers pre-dinner drinks on the foreshore deck.

The original Sergeants’ Mess building was constructed in 1963 as part of the Australian Military Army Base at Georges Heights. The Sergeants’ Mess was the location where officers ate their meals and socialised. A pool room, a main dining room, downstairs living quarters, washing facilities, and a kitchen were all available. When it was fully renovated the architect described the building like this…

“The building was, however, extremely utilitarian. It had no level of comfort, as you would expect in a custom-built military mess. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this building was the fact that it virtually ignored the view. Our challenge was to turn this cold and very closed building into a venue to celebrate its stunning location.””

And this is a stunning building. It is very understated from the outside and sits beautifully in its bush setting. But inside it is total luxury. When it first opened in 2006 it hit the ground running. And with its sister property, “Gunners Barracks”, these two properties were and still are some of the very best wedding venues on the North Shore and in Sydney.

Ceremonies take place outside in an amphitheatre setting with the harbour as your backdrop. For your wedding photos, you can take a short stroll down to Chowder Bay or drive up to Georges Heights, Balmoral Beach or Bradleys Head. And wedding receptions can accommodate up to 250 guests seated or 350 cocktail style.

Address: Chowder Bay Rd, Mosman NSW 

8. Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

Photo courtesy of Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

Located in the heart of Sydney, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park offers an enchanting park-side location and a total of seventeen remarkable spaces to choose from. 

The reception venue is adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the majestic Hyde Park. The magnificent Grand Ballroom can seat up to 550 guests. This is luxury five-star weddings at its best.

The beauty of a five-star hotel wedding is that you get all the facilities and benefits of a large hotel. By having your wedding there, you will get a luxury suite overlooking Hyde Park. And at the end of the night, you will simply be able to take an elevator up to your room.

Address: 161 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW

9. The Tea Room QVB

Located in the very centre of Sydney in the Queen Victoria Building is The Tea Room QVB. The Tea Room is a venue that keeps luxury at the forefront. It is elegant, sophisticated and an absolutely stunning Sydney wedding venue that is a historical landmark in Sydney.

The QVB was built back in 1898 and was built in a grand Romanesque design. In 1918 the building changed its name to the Queen Victoria Building and was remodelled. The Tea Room was originally called the Grand Ballroom of the Queen Victoria Building. Over the years the building went into a state of disrepair and was nearly demolished on numerous occasions. But in 1984, restoration work began and in 1986 the QVB reopened its doors to the public. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that QVB Ballroom was fully restored and turned into The Tea Room QVB. Weddings started shortly after that and it quickly became an amazing Sydney wedding venue.

Other than the historical and elegant setting of this venue the major feature that stands out is the grand 30-foot ceilings that tower above you. It is grand and glittering in Baccarat Crystal chandeliers and luxurious detailing. 

The Tearoom QVB can accommodate up to 200 people seated. Here are some recent reviews from couples who have had weddings there.

Address: 455 George St, Sydney NSW

10. ORSO Bayside

Photo courtesy of Orso

Located right on the water, this venue offers a panoramic view of Middle Harbour and Clontarf beach. The elegant venue space is illuminated by a fairy light canopy, the floor to ceiling windows let in natural light and offer an open view of the beach.

They offer two main packages and along with that, you get a plethora of additional menu options and beverage packages so that you can choose the perfect menu for you and your guests. Orso Bayside can accommodate up to 240 seated guests or 350 guests in a cocktail style. 

Here is some feedback that Orso has received from past wedding couples.

Address: 79 Parriwi Rd, Mosman NSW

11. Intercontinental Hotel Sydney

Photo courtesy of Intercontinental Hotel Sydney (The Treasury Room)

The Intercontinental Hotel Sydney is one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in Sydney with arguably the best views over Sydney Harbour. They also can do some really beautiful and unique weddings in different locations around their property.

There are six luxurious wedding venues options at the Intercontinental Hotel Sydney each of which have unique characteristics. They offer custom cocktails for your guests and ensure that your wedding plans are taken care of by a dedicated weddings specialist. 

James Cook Ballroom – This is their main ballroom that can seat 250 people. It features art deco style chandeliers and soft greys, creams and whites as the colour palette. It is a fabulous ‘blank canvas’ venue where you can put in your own personal wedding style into the room.

The Treasure Room – This is a wonderful option for your wedding which would be my first choice to check out. It is a beautiful space that features a private entrance for you and your guests, a beautiful lobby for pre-dinner drinks and an elegant slim Tuscan pillared room that can seat up to 120 of your wedding guests.

Harbour Room – Stunning views over Sydney Harbour, this is a split level, loft-style space, located on level 31, that accommodate up to 40 people seated.

Heritage Room – White walls, high ceilings and an elegant and sophisticated interior which is perfect for intimate weddings of up to 50 people seated.

Fort Macquarie Room – Is a large and recently refurbished room that would be best described as a ‘blank canvas’ room. It has a balcony overlooking the Royal Botanic Gardens and has lots of large windows and a high ceiling. For seated weddings, it can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Club InterContinental – Located on level 32, you can book the entire top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel Sydney for your wedding. It can seat 30 people or you can do a rooftop cocktail wedding and have 85 people. It features amazing panoramic views, floor to ceiling windows and an open-air rooftop deck that just can’t be beaten for the experience.

Address: 117 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW

12. Burnt Orange

Photo courtesy of Burnt Orange

Built in the 1920s to serve as a Clubhouse for the Mosman Golf Club, Burnt Orange is located just 20 minutes from Sydney CBD. This venue offers stunning harbour views with bushland surroundings.

You get a choice of 2 unique and beautiful spaces with a range of packages. For smaller weddings, the Signals Room offers an outdoor sandstone terrace overlooking the harbour. Whereas for larger weddings, the Balcony offers amazing views over Middle Head and Chowder Bay. 

Burnt Orange can accommodate up to 200 guests for a seated dinner or up to 250 guests for a cocktail event.

Reviews from recent couples at Burnt Orange.

Address: 1109 Middle Head Rd, Mosman NSW

13. Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth is one of Sydney’s most elegant and iconic wedding venues. This venue is a beautiful example of French design and is in the heart of the Sydney CBD. They have a team of experts who help you choose the perfect package and venue for your requirements.

The establishment has been hosting weddings since 1966 and offers 3 wedding venues for your needs. With a plethora of unique packages to choose from, you can be assured that you can customise even the smallest details of your special day.

The Sofitel Sydney Wentworth can accommodate up to 450 guests. 

Address: 61/101 Phillip St, Sydney NSW

14. Dunbar House

Dunbar house
Photo courtesy of Dunbar House

This is a historic 1830s mansion that is located in one of Sydney’s most desired Eastern Suburbs. Dunbar House is a historic Sydney Harbourside venue that gives you the opportunity to host incredible receptions.

You can host your ceremonies on the lower lawn of Robertson with a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour in the background. You can also choose the water’s edge of Camp Cove or the Gibson beach for your ceremony. Each of these beautiful Harbourside locations is truly special.

Dunbar House has a seated capacity of 110 guests or 120 guests cocktail style. Here is what some past wedding couples had to say about Dunbar House.

Address: 9 Marine Parade, Watsons Bay NSW

15. View by Sydney

Photo courtesy of View By Sydney

This venue is located on the historic finger wharf. Sitting at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this venue offers stunning views of the Sydney Harbour, Luna Park and the cityscape.

The venue offers specially tailored packages to ensure that you can choose according to your requirements. You have access to 4 spaces for every occasion. You can also combine these spaces into 1 to host a grand event. With over 30 years of experience in hosting weddings, View by Sydney has the experience to make your wedding day truly special.

The main room at View by Sydney can accommodate up to 100 guests. Here are some reviews from other people.

Address: Pier 2, 13 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay NSW 

16. Long Reef Golf Club

Photo courtesy of Long Reef Golf Club

The Long Reef Golf Club is a beach wedding venue that is located on Sydney’s Northern beaches. This golf club is located by the Long Reef headland and offers views all the way to the Central Coast in the North and Manly in the South.

They offer everything you may need for the perfect beach wedding ceremony and reception. You can make your vows on their outdoor beachfront location followed by a first dance overlooking the ocean. Their in-house chefs provide delicious and varied menus to suit all dietary requirements. 

They can accommodate weddings of up to 140 guests or 250 standing cocktail style. Here are some reviews of what other couples have said about Long Reef Golf Club.

Address: Anzac Ave, Collaroy NSW 

17. Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

Photo courtesy of Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

This 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Sydney’s urban centre and it provides easy access to some of the most photogenic locations the city has to offer. You can choose from two stunning pillarless venues that boast an abundance of natural lighting for the interior.

The pillarless Whiteley Ballroom has floor to ceiling windows and is the larger of the two venues. For a smaller wedding, the Hart Room offers an elegant setting for your reception. The Hart Room has plenty of natural light and showcases stand-out hanging golden pendants.

They can accommodate weddings of up to 210 guests seated or 350 cocktail style.

Address: 11 Jamison St, Sydney NSW

18. Pier One Sydney Harbour

Photo courtesy of Pier One via Inlighten Photography

Pier One Sydney Harbour is one of Sydney’s premier waterside wedding venues. And it is located in arguably, the best location in Sydney. Right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It doesn’t get any more Sydney than this amazing Sydney wedding venue.

For your wedding ceremony, you have two options if you would like to have it onsite. You can have a Bridge Ceremony or a Pier Ceremony. Both are beautiful options.

For your wedding reception, there are three great options.

Water Room – This is probably their premiere space because if its size and location. It features a huge wrap-around glass windows that really show off Sydney Harbour and it can seat up to 182 people or you have had 350 cocktail style.

Dawes Point Rooms – This space is located to the side of the property, so you don’t get those Harbour Bridge views but you still have great views out over Walsh Bay. It can accommodate up to 140 people seated or 200 people standing.

Bridge Room & Marquee – Give you are marquee style wedding right on the harbour with wonderful views. It can do 100 people seated or 150 cocktail.

Address: Walsh Bay, 11 Hickson Rd, Sydney NSW

19. Royal Automobile Club of Australia

royal automobile club of australia wedding

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia is a wonderful heritage building with a grand staircase and brilliant chandeliers, packed with old-world charm and sophistication. It is located opposite the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Opera House. This historic Sydney wedding venue has character and old-world charm, making it the ideal setting for your wedding day.

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia offers a selection of reception rooms that can accommodate from 20 to up to 250 guests. You also get access to a bridal powder room and pre-dinner drinks room so that your guests have ample room to relax. 

You can have both your wedding ceremony and wedding reception onsite at the RACA. There are two rooms to choose from and both are elegant and beautiful. Each room has its own charm which makes every venue unique so that you can pick the perfect one for your requirements.

Macquarie Room – This is the clubs original dining room that has been lovingly restored. It features large arched windows, Renaissance-style pillars and beautiful roof detailing. It can accommodate up to 140 guests seated or 200 for a cocktail style wedding.

Victoria Room – This space is another impressive room that features high ceilings, beautiful detailing and a stylish heritage look. It can accommodate weddings of up to 140 people/

Address: 89 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW

20. The Blue Room Bondi

Photo courtesy of The Blue Room Bondi

The Blue Room Bondi offers a Sydney beach venue that has breathtaking views of Bondi Beach. The floor to ceiling glass windows on their venue ensures that you get the full unobstructed view of this magnificent beach.

You can choose to host your ceremony on the shores of Bondi Beach or in their Courtyard. They offer exceptional service with a dedicated event coordinator to make sure that your wedding goes to plan. And they also offer pre-reception canapes and drinks for your guests. 

The Blue Room Bondi has a seating capacity of up to 100 guests or cocktail style up to 150 guests. This is what some past couples had to say about The Blue Room Bondi.

Address: Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach NSW

21. Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Ovolo Woolloomooloo wedding
Photo courtesy of Ovolo Woolloomooloo

This historical and cultural waterfront location in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo district is an amazing place for a beautiful wedding. The Ovolo Woolloomooloo is a heritage-listed wharf wedding venue that sits right over Sydney Harbour.

The 100-year-old Woolloomooloo Wharf is easily the ideal exterior wedding site, flanked by sea vistas and with the Sydney metropolitan cityscape as your background.

Wedding ceremonies can take place outside on the wharf and there are a number of spaces that you can use for your wedding at Ovolo Woolloomooloo. They feature vaulted ceilings, antique oak beams, and silver fluorescent fixtures adorn the floors.

The Kitchen Table – is an intimate room that can seat up to 30 guests.

The Burbs – features pastel mural and copper pillars. It can accommodate a seated wedding of 100 people.

Piper Room – High ceilings, original beamed ceilings, and metallic light fixtures adorn the space. The Piper Room is the only component of the wharf that has been preserved to its original state and is an industrial-chic space. It can seat up to 120 people for a wedding.

The Piper Rooms – combines both the Burbs and the Piper Room to create an amazing space for your wedding. It can accommodate 180 people seated or 300 people for a standing cocktail reception.

Address: 6 Cowper Wharf Roadway, Woolloomooloo NSW 

22. Sydney Observatory

sydney observatory wedding
Photo courtesy of Sydney Observatory

The heritage-listed Sydney Observatory, majestically perched atop the top portion on the Harbour shoreline, provides a panoramic view of the sparkling Harbour. The Sydney Observatory is separate to Observatory Hill. Observatory Hill and the Rotunda are in a public park that is run by the City of Sydney Council.

It is a spectacular location for a wedding celebration because of the stunning backdrop and the beautiful gardens. Wedding ceremonies can take place in the north courtyard so that you can get those Sydney Harbour Bridge views. There are other areas, but they can’t hold as many people and don’t have the Sydney backdrop.

The Sydney Observatory, which can accommodate up to 500 people, for wedding receptions is a marquee wedding venue.

Address: 1003 Upper Fort St, Millers Point NSW

23. Cropley House

Choose a beautiful wedding venue that was built a century ago, Cropley House, located in Baulkham Hills that provides you with historic elegance sprawled throughout 5 acres of grassland for a lovely wedding celebration.

There are two wedding reception spaces to choose from.

Victoria Room – This is a newly renovated room that features high ceilings, natural light and no pillars. There is still hints of the old world historic charm and there is also an undercover balcony and a private ‘bridal room’. I can cater to seated weddings of up to 180 people.

Elizabeth Room – This is another pillarless space that is located at the front of the venue. It features chandelier lighting and huge windows. It can also cater to 180 people for a seated wedding.

Here is what past couples have said.

Address: 84 Watkins Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW

24. Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour

Photo courtesy of Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour

If you want to have an elegant wedding, the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour is an excellent option because it is at one of the most luxurious hotels located right in the middle of Sydney.

There are three main rooms that are perfect for weddings at the Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour.

Magnifique Ballroom – This is the signature room of the Sofitel and it features a 5-metre high ceiling, an elegant interior and a chic colour palette.

Murphy Room – This is a more intimate space that features four-metre high, floor to ceiling windows.

Byrne Room – Located in a corner room, it also features four-metre high floor to ceiling windows showing off Sydney’s cityscape.

Address: Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour, 12 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW

25. Four Seasons Sydney

four seasons sydney wedding
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel is one of Sydney’s top wedding and event venues, with 12 unique event rooms intended to amaze. Their pillarless, modern rooms, ranging from ballroom grandeur to private refinement, also include several of the most technological advancements accessible.

The hotel’s on-site wedding specialists will help with you every inch of the process to ensure that your celebration is as one-of-a-kind as you seem to be. You’re in safe hands, from the meals to the flower bouquets to the wedding send-off.

Address: 199 George St, Sydney NSW

26. Banjo Patterson Cottage Restaurant

Photo by Cavanagh Photography

The Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant is a gorgeous historic sandstone house that was built back in the 1830s. It is set on five acres of grassland and is located on a hill overlooking the waters of Gladesville and the Parramatta River.

You can either book out the entire place for your wedding, or if you are having a small wedding you can choose from four different spaces. These spaces can accommodate weddings from 12 to 54 guests and the entire property can cater to 130 guests seated.

Address: Punt Rd, Gladesville NSW 

27. Catalina Rose Bay

Catalina Rose Bay is a fine dining restaurant and wedding venue, that has been serving diners in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for over 26 years. It is located in Rose Bay in a building that is built over the water and features 180-degree views of the harbour. The stunning location and the amazing cuisine make this one of the best wedding venues in Sydney.

For smaller weddings or micro weddings of 11 to 50 guests, you are able to book areas within the main dining room. For larger weddings, you have to option of booking out the whole property and having exclusive hire. This amazing property can accommodate up to 150 guests seated or up to 250 for a standing cocktail.

Address: Lyne Park, New South Head Rd, Rose Bay NSW

28. Lauriston House

Photo courtesy of Lauriston House

The stunningly magnificent Lauriston House Function Hall is an excellent option for up to 350 attendees for your marriage reception. This was constructed in 1877, over a century earlier.

Dundas Valley, New South Wales, is home to the heritage-listed historical wedding reception. Distinctive elements contribute to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for both you and your visitors.

A secluded wedding chamber, stunning exposed fireplaces, an ample dining space with a dance floor, and a fantastic seating area are just a few of the amenities available at this top-tier Sydney wedding reception.

Address: 146 Marsden Rd, Dundas Valley NSW

29. Park Hyatt Sydney

Photo courtesy of Park Hyatt Sydney

The Park Hyatt is located in probably the best location in Sydney. Right opposite the Sydney Opera House and right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is five-star elegance at it best.

You may pick from a variety of settings at the Park Hyatt Sydney for your big occasion. Whether you have less than 20 visitors, the Study is the ideal small celebration space, while the Gallery can cater up to 120 people.

For your wedding ceremony, you can tie the knot in one of their rooms, but we recommend that you do it in the park just next door at Hickson Road Reserve. It is booked separately but it is the ideal ceremony location for the Park Hyatt Sydney.

Address: 7 Hickson Rd, The Rocks NSW

30. Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Photo courtesy of Shangri La Hotel Sydney

Allow Sydney’s beautiful face to provide a unique background for your special event. Event professionals will expertly coordinate every aspect of your beautiful day with extensive experience at Shangri-La Sydney.

Whether it’s an 850-guest event in their magnificent Grand Ballroom, an exclusive gathering in Altitude’s Private Dining Table viewing Sydney Harbour’s pearls, or somewhere in between the heaven, the restaurant’s diverse venues are ready to be decked to make the best romantic backdrop.

Enchanting waits around all curves at Shangri-La Sydney. The resort’s one-of-a-kind marriage spaces cater to sophisticated affairs, intimate, private parties, and large-scale magnificence.

Address: 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW

31. Watersedge at Campbell’s Stores

Photo courtesy of Watersedge

Watersedge at Campbell’s Stores provides an affordable slice of elegance with unobstructed views of the Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Watersedge at Campbell’s Stores is the perfect place to hold your upcoming celebration because of its exquisite vistas and rich historical and architectural significance.

There are two main spaces which are perfect for weddings. The Harbour Room and the Opera Room. Both rooms feature high ceilings with large wooden beams and stunning views of Sydney Harbour. They both can seat 120 guests and have an adjoining room for pre-dinner drinks and dancing.

Address: 7-27 Circular Quay W, The Rocks NSW

32. Intercontinental Double Bay

Photo courtesy of Intercontinental Double Bay

The InterContinental Sydney Double Bay, is located in the heart of the eastern suburbs of Sydney and is a five-star luxury Sydney wedding venue.

This is a 140 suite hotel that features a rooftop area that looks onto Sydney Harbour. It also has a grand staircase with a ballroom to match. The ballroom can hold an impressive 300 people for a seated wedding which can also cater to more intimate weddings.

The hotel can build a customised package tailored to you and your visitors with the finest meetings staff in the city, integrating years of expertise. A genuinely bespoke occasion that combines elegance, uniqueness, pleasure, and obviously, romance.

Address: 33 Cross St, Double Bay NSW 

33. Eden Gardens

Photo courtesy of Eden Gardens

The award-winning grounds of Eden Gardens Macquarie Parks NSW are indeed the ideal location for your wedding day, with the intent of providing excellent accommodations and personalised services to make your wedding dreams a reality.

This is a really unique Sydney wedding venue in that is primarily a garden centre, but because it is on a huge piece of land they have different garden areas that can be used for weddings. They also provide a variety of distinctive outdoor weddings to fit your wedding style and guest count, as well as rainy-day fallback alternatives.

Eden Gardens is an awesome wedding venue in Sydney and perfect for couples looking for a garden wedding that is unique, private and with lots of beautiful photography locations.

Address: 307 Lane Cove Rd, Macquarie Park NSW

34. Waterview Bicentennial Park

Photo courtesy of Waterview Bicentennial Park

Waterview, located in Bicentennial Park’s gorgeous surroundings, seamlessly blends magnificence with peaceful parkland and lakeside vistas to make a perfect location for your wedding celebration.

Located at Olympic Park, Waterview is bordered by expansive parks and gardens, lakes, and ponds, providing a lovely setting for your wedding guests. It features beamed ceilings, an expansive wrap-around deck, and the availability of natural sunlight.

Waterview could handle special occasions, school events, business conferences, and prominent weddings of all types, providing flexibility and variety to every gathering. With outstanding cuisines and staff services, their professional team can easily entertain your 350 guests. You’re in excellent hands!

Address: Bicentennial Dr, Sydney Olympic Park NSW

35. Allegro Function Centre

Photo courtesy of Allegro Function Centre

Allegro is a magnificent and distinctive Mediterranean-style property situated on secluded acres in the picturesque Dural area of the Hills District. It is located just 35 minutes from Sydney and when you book your wedding here, you get exclusive use of the property and facilities.

The main feature of this property is its stunning terrace that looks out onto the Australian bush. This is a perfect location for wedding ceremonies and for pre-dinner drinks. You can also choose to have a ceremony out in their gardens under a gazebo. Allegro is full of beautiful locations for wedding photos. There are gardens and bush areas that are lovely for photography.

Allegro can comfortably accommodate weddings up to 200 guests seated or 300 cocktail style.

Address: 1 Porters Rd, Kenthurst NSW

36. Audley Dance Hall

Photo by Callan Robison

Audley Dance Hall, nestled in natural woodland with sights of the Hacking River, is a beautiful setting for enjoying great, genuine, nutritious meals in a calm, friendly environment.

Located in the Royal National Park, Audley Dance Hall specialises in one-of-a-kind weddings and is a great Sydney wedding venue for couples looking for a natural setting in a rustic environment. The Dance Hall can seat up to 200 people, has a large balcony with excellent views of the parks and streams.

The wood-panelled Dance Hall is a blank canvas that enables you to express yourself and add your individual wedding style to your big day.

Address: 2 Lady Carrington Dr, Royal National Park NSW

37. National Art School, Cell Block Theatre

Photo courtesy of National Art School

In the middle of Sydney, in Darlinghurst, is the Cell Block Theatre. A huge and historic Sydney wedding venue. The Cell Block Theatre is located on the campus grounds of the National Arts School.

From 1841 to 1920 this was the location of the women’s wing of the Old Darlinghurst Gaol. In 1957, fundraising and restoration began and the prison block was turned into a flexible and versatile theatrical venue. The internal floor and stairs were removed and this two-story prison was transformed into what you see today. In the 1960s and 70s it became a place of music, dance, drama and art and many of Australia’s leading actors and performers have performed in the Cell Block Theatre. But it is also a really awesome and very unique location for a wedding.

The sandstone walls, which are 10-meter-high within, provide scenery like no other. It is like a sandstone “blank canvas” wedding venue that does require some good styling and lighting to make the most out of the location.

The venue can accommodate up to 200 people. The cuisines offer four courses, and the beverages include wine, beer, mineral water, and various soft drinks to cater to your guests.

Address: Cnr Forbes St &, Burton St, Darlinghurst NSW 

38. Pilu at Freshwater

Photo courtesy of Pilu at Freshwater

Located on Sydney’s gorgeous Northern Beaches is one of the best restaurants and Sydney wedding venues, Pilu at Freshwater. If you are looking for a wedding venue that is on the beach with a relaxed beach vibe and amazing food, then you must check out Pilu at Freshwater.

You can book out the entire restaurant or just part of it. If you are having a smaller wedding (10-45 guests) you can book their terrace garden. Which is a perfect location for a wedding ceremony and drinks. You can also get exclusive use and book out the entire place. Pilu at Freshwater can accommodate weddings of up to 110 people seated.

Their cuisine, wines, and services are famous and award-winning, and their location and magnificent beach panoramas make this an amazing Sydney wedding venue.

Address: Moore Rd, Freshwater NSW

39. Springfield House

Photo courtesy of Springfield House

Located on 5 acres of manicured grounds in the lush North West of Sydney, is Springfield House. One of the best Sydney wedding venues.

Springfield House is a beautiful garden wedding venue where you can have your wedding ceremony onsite in their gardens, surrounded by rugged bushland. When you book Springfield House you get exclusive access to the property and no other functions will take place.

There are two spaces to choose from for your wedding reception and both have their own unique qualities.

The Manor – This building was built in 1973 and it features boutique furnishings and elegant detailing that will give you an elegant and beautiful wedding. It can accommodate up to 200 people seated. There is also a deck that overlooks the gardens.

The Pavilion – This is the newest space at Springfield House. It is a stunning black marquee that is see-through from the side and the roof. So it will feel like an outdoor wedding reception, but you have the cover of a marquee. It is a wonderful ‘blank canvas’ for your wedding day so you can put your own personal wedding style into the space. It can cater a wedding for up to 200 people seated or 250 cocktail style.

Address: 245 New Line Rd, Dural NSW

40. The William Inglis Hotel

Photo courtesy of The William Inglis Hotel

The William Inglis Hotel is a boutique 5-star hotel located in southwest of Sydney. It has 144 accommodation rooms and you can have your wedding ceremony and reception onsite.

The property is part of the Riverside Stables Precinct and can accommodate intimate weddings, to absolutely enormous weddings. You can now say your vows in their magnificent Rose Garden, accompanied by a memorable party and wedding reception at one of The William Inglis Hotel’s numerous settings.

The Garden Pavilion – This space overlooks Warwick Farm Racecourse and features floor to ceiling windows that bathe the room in natural light. I can accommodate up to 80 people seated.

The Big Barn – tucked away in the Riverside Stables yard is this totally unique space. The Big Barn is a former horse stable that has been converted into something amazing. It can seat up to 250 people for your wedding.

The Arena – This is their largest wedding space. It features a fifteen-metre high ceiling, built-in theatre,
illumination, staging, and television screens. It can seat a massive 600 people and is a very versatile ‘blank canvas’ space.

Address: 155 Gov Macquarie Dr, Warwick Farm NSW

Final Thoughts on Sydney Wedding Venues

Well, there you have it… our list of some of the very best Sydney wedding venues. We really have researched each and every wedding venue and there should be a variety of wedding venue styles to suit just about every couple.

Just some quick advice when looking for venues. We recommend that you make a shortlist of the venues that you think might be perfect Then actually go and check them out in person. That is the best way to see if the wedding venue will work for you.

When you do contact these venues, you should be getting friendly, professional and attentive service. If you aren’t getting good service from your wedding venue when you are looking to book, chances are you won’t get good service on your wedding day. They aren’t miraculously going to be amazing on your wedding day if they have been terrible in the lead-up. It is better to have an amazing experience at a wedding venue that is lower down on your list than it is to have a terrible experience at your number one dream wedding venue. So go with your instincts and trust your gut feelings.

So have fun choosing your perfect Sydney wedding venue. And we really hope this has pointed you in the right direction to get your wedding plans happening.