Wedding Planning and Advice

Planning your Central Coast wedding is a huge task for any engaged couple. There is so much to think about and to organise that it’s easy to stress out or just go crazy!

Here are a few quick tips to get you on your way:


Sit down together and think about the sort of wedding you both want to have. There is no use starting the planning journey with budgets, venues etc if you both want something different. Sit down over a bottle of wine and think about the feel and vibe you want your wedding to have. Think about the environment, climate, landscape and surroundings you would like. Imagine the dress and wedding attire you would be most comfortable wearing on the day.

Start to get a clearer vision of what the two of you want and make decisions together. This may be your first big milestones in your lives together, so make sure you are starting it together.


Think of who you want to be there. Just a rough idea. Do you want ALL of your relatives and friends there and have one huge party, or do you want something smaller and more intimate, with just the key people in your lives?

Get a rough idea of what your wedding guest numbers will be like.


Work out how much money you have for your wedding or even how much you want to put towards your wedding. Will you be paying for the wedding yourselves, or will your parents be paying for or helping you out financially?

Below are some articles that will hopefully help you plan your wedding in more detail.

Wedding Planning Articles and Advice

Here are some articles that will help you plan your wedding in more detail. We have written them with an emphasis on the Central Coast of NSW so you can create your dream wedding.

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