Best Bridesmaid Speech Examples and Ideas

Wedding is the most important thing for most people, so all aspects of it are equally important. Keep in mind that even the smallest mistake on a wedding day may have a catastrophic effect on the entire wedding. A good thing is that there are most rules and most tasks can be defined, so they are simple to do.

On the other side, some tasks are very serious and there are no rules that define them, so it may be hard to achieve them. As you may believe, the most severe one is how to write a bridesmaid speech. There are million examples, but due to the fact every single bridesmaid looks for a unique speech, those ideas are almost irrelevant. However, there are some tips and pieces of advices you should/must use.

Although, every person wants to have a unique bridesmaid speech, there are some rules that every speech must have. If you don’t follow them, you will end up with a speech that has a lot of mistakes and it isn’t great. All of this you want to avoid.

In any case, the best bridesmaid speech must have several rules. In addition, all of these rules must be followed. Not following just one leaves a lot of room for mistakes and you definitely want to avoid that. The main rules are:

  • Write a short speech: This is the most common mistake, simply due to the fact people believe that a bridesmaid speech must be long, in order to cover all aspects. The truth is different. It must be short and direct. By doing this, you will be sure that the speech will be interesting. If you need more than 2-3 minutes to read it, it isn’t a great choice.
  • Write it 3 weeks before a wedding: If you write the speech at night before the wedding, you will be under stress and you will need up with a bad speech. On the other side, if you write it a few weeks before the wedding, you will write an amazing speech that will get a lot of positive rates. The main rule is that you need to write it 3 weeks before the day.
  • Take it seriously: Just because you won’t get a grade, doesn’t mean that a bridesmaid speech isn’t important. You must pay attention to the grammar, to use proper words and to take it as it is a college paper. By doing this, you will get the best speech that will thrill all the guests, including a bride and a groom.
  • Cover all the aspects: In this case, you must pay attention to the details. Keep in mind that you must express how happy you and a bride are for that day. However, you should mention a groom as well. Adding a personal secret, joke or an event is more than just recommended and this audition will make the speech directed and unique. Adding an advice that is related to the future of the bride and a groom is another fact that is mandatory. Once you are done, rise the glass and take one sip. Don’t forget to do this, simply because it is the main thing when it comes to making an awesome toast.
  • Use a quote: Quotes are a great thing simply because they can make your speech look better and professional. At the same time, they are wise and there is a hidden meaning behind them. On the other side using quotes that you don’t understand and that is too extreme for this occasion isn’t a right choice. The best thing is to use a simple quote that has been chosen carefully for that opportunity.
  • Try to be funny, or not: A funny bridesmaid speech is a great thing, but only if you are a funny person. On the other side, if you are not, you shouldn’t use comedy. You will end up with a big mistake. Keep in mind that adding a fun touch can make all the guests and the bride and groom feeling more relaxed and you will get an applause. Using a person, funny event from the life of a bride isn’t a great thing as well and it should be avoided.
  • Practice, a lot: Practicing is important addition you should use this simple thing can help you get the best from your speech. Start practicing a few days before the wedding and talk to the bride, in order to get the most from your speech.
  • Choose the best moment: While writing an awesome bridesmaid speech, choosing the correct time, when you should make a toast is equally important. Traditionally, you should wait for the man of honor, because it is treated as the toastmaster. However, you should also check with a bride and a groom and see when they want the toast. A useful tip is to wait when all the guests are there and the bride and groom are waiting for the toast.

Tips for writing a bridesmaid speech

Now you know all the rules this type of speech must follow all the rules is mandatory and it is something you should use. On the other side there are a lot of useful tips you can use as well.

Keep in mind that using just one or several of them is more than just a great choice. In any case, the best and the most useful tips follow:

Use introduction

Just because you are at the weeding, doesn’t mean all people know who you are. This means that you should start with an introduction and tell people who you are and your relationship with the bride. Don’t use comedy here, or people will think that you are not serious.

Add a story

Adding a personal story of a life of a bride is useful, but only if the story is good and interesting. Luckily, most brides have interesting lives, so there are a lot of stories you can use. Never use funny and embarrassing stories, simply due to the fact they are not something a bride would like on her wedding. In addition, the entire speech should be short, so this story must be short as well. Talking for 10 minutes is a mistake.

Make it sweet

Keep in mind that you are a poet, so this task is a severe one. This also means that you must read the speech or know it by heart and you must pay attention to how you are telling it. The best thing you can do is to practice a lot, until you get the best idea how you should read it. Talking slowly and with a lot of care is very important and it can make a difference. Even the best speech may be annoying if you don’t read it perfectly.

Pay attention to the groom

The most common mistake, when it comes to the bridesmaid wedding speech is talking only about the bride and forgetting on the groom. Keep in mind that you should include something that is related to the groom. This also means that adding some short example of their life together is a great thing to do. On the other side, don’t be too focused on the groom, after all, the speech is designed for the bride.

Don’t mention the exes

Most bridesmaid tries to add ex-boyfriends of the bride in order to make the groom better. This isn’t a good thing and it is a mistake. Adding exes is annoying and may be embarrassing. Not mentioning them at all, not even in a funny sense is the best thing you can do.

Keep your Bridesmaid Speech

Making a speech in front of all those guests is a stressful situation and you must be prepared for it. It may happen that you forget something from the speech. In that case, you must be prepared to read from the notes. This means that note must be close to you and they must be easy to read. Keeping small, but several notes are the best thing you can do. On the other side, holding a big piece of paper can have a negative effect on the speech, so it should be avoided.

Bridesmaid speech examples

Here are some of the best and the most popular bridesmaid speech ideas. Keep in mind that you can modify them and make them more personal.

‘’I am very happy to be your bridesmaid. It is a real pleasure knowing you and it is an honor to be here today. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best in your marriage.’’

‘’As a bridesmaid I had a tough task, so I decided to ask the bride and the groom something. When I asked the groom, what he wants from the marriage, he said ‘’only the happiness’’. When I asked the bride, she said ‘’a toaster and a car’’. Maybe the bride has a different desire, but at least she will be happy, simply because it is easy to satisfy and fulfill these wishes.’’

‘’This morning our bride was nervous and under stress, which is a normal thing. All of you are like this when you were having your own wedding. However, now she is relaxed and happy. I want to tell her the same thing I told her earlier. The groom loves you, this is the only thing that matters and this is the first day as Mrs, so stop worrying and start enjoying. As you can see, we all are having a lot of fun, so join us.’’

‘’Thanks for this opportunity and the honor you gave me. All I have to say is that a groom looks great and a bride even better. Anyway, you look great together, so always stay together.’’

‘’This was a severe task for me, so I had to have a consultation with the Google. It says to start with a quote, but I already started, so no quote. I don’t try to be funny, I just am. I am (introduction) and I am the third happiest person here, after the bride and the groom. I just want to raise a glass and wish all the best, from the bottom of my heart to the best couple in the world.’’

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