Bridesmaid Speech Tips & Advice

How to write a bridesmaid speech is the most common question when it comes to weddings. At the same time, it is the most severe and the hardest task that every matron of honor has.

Keep in mind that this is a serious task that will have a serious consequences on the wedding day. Simply said, don’t make a mistake.

On the other side, if you know what you are doing, this task is very simple and easy. That’s why here you can see the best guidelines for writing this type of speech and you will see the best examples. In addition, these examples can be adjusted so they fit perfectly for that specific wedding day.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are developed by experts, so they are mandatory. If you don’t follow them, you will end up with a bad speech or with a speech that has lots of mistakes, so all guests won’t be satisfied. Even more severe, the bride won’t be happy as well.

Introduce yourself: This is the first step and it is the most important one. Keep in mind that it is always a great choice to tell people who you are. This is the best start and in most cases it is the best thing you should use. In addition, you can start with a funny description of who you are. In any case, this is a mandatory step, so it has to be included.

Say thanks: Weddings are the best and the most important days of most people. At the same time, they are all about respect and happiness. This means that thanking the wedding couple and their families, and guests, of course is more than just recommended. As the end result, your speech will be appreciated and bride will be more than just satisfied.

Say something interesting about the bride: In any case, telling a story about the bride is a very useful trick. It can make the entire wedding better and more interesting. Just be careful choosing a story. Choosing something that involves exes and embarrassing situations is the biggest mistake you can make. Always choose something funny and interesting and try to make the bride look like a hero or like something positive.

Tell about how they met: Adding to the speech something that tells people how the bride and the groom met is mandatory makes the entire speech much better. In this case, you should be serious and avoid jokes. On the other side, if their story is different and unique, adding a funny touch is recommended.

Their story: This means that you should add some story that involves the couple. As the end result, you will get a positive smile from the couple and guests always like to hear this type of stories.

Use photos: Showing photos or a slideshow is a great thing you can do. As the end result, the couple will be thrilled, but the guests will like to see the photos as well.

Use a quote: In this case, you should use a love quote that describes the love of the couple. 

Funny bridesmaid speech can have a funny quote, but also related to love.

Additional questions: A bridesmaid speech for best friend must include questioning of the guests. They can ask you anything they want to know, and you should be ready to answer them. Don’t answer on embarrassing or severe questions, even if you know the answer.

Bridesmaid speech samples

There are a lot of examples of these speeches, but here are some of the best. In addition, you can use them as bridesmaid speech for sister, and a friend. The best and the most popular bridesmaid speech examples right now are:

‘’Hello everybody. My name is Alis and I am a bridesmaid. Knowing (bride) is a huge part of my life and I am proud to tell you that I am her best friend. We met many years ago and our friendship was the best thing in my life, and it still is.

However, from today she is going to have a new best friend, so I am even happier. Since the day they met, her life has been different, was better. This made her the luckiest woman on the planet and I was happier as well. It is a real pleasure seeing her so happy and so satisfied. I know that this happiness will last for a long time.

John (groom) is one of the most interesting and most loved men I know. He is so happy that he was able to find a perfect woman for him. John, I want you to love and take care about Aliss from today to the rest of your life.

I also want to say thanks to the bride and the groom and to thank them even more for the opportunity they gave me. I want to say thanks to both families and to all the guests. If there is some question, I will be able to answer right now.’’

‘’I met Jessica a long time ago. By the way I am Jenny, her best friend, I believe you all know that. Time spent with her was the best time in my life and I couldn’t be happier. Now, it is time that she makes another person happy. Ivan, I am happy to assay that that person is you. Take care of each other and make sure you have just 3 things in your life. They are: love, happiness and respect. If you have all three, you are going to be the best couple in the world.

Thanks to all of you for this chance and thanks to both families. I didn’t forget, so thanks to all the guests. Have a great time. Let’s say one more time, congratulation from the heart, Mr and Mrs Smith.’’

‘’Good day I wish to you all and let’s hear this speech after all. I am Jenny and I am the sister of the woman in white. She is great and we all know that or you won’t be here. However, she has one habit that can make you crazy. She needs a century to prepare herself to the bed. I know, because I slept in the same room where she did. So, Joshua, you will have to have patience, or to get a separate bed. If you accept this, you will have a life with the best and the most perfect woman on the planet. You two would be the happiest people I know. Thanks to all of you for listening to me and if you have a question, be free to ask me. I will share some secrets, if you are interested.’’

‘’My sister is my best friend. This also means that I am Nicole, a sister of the bride. She is a great person and she is always ready to do something different and interesting. Once, when we were 11 years old, we went to a library. However, we wanted to go fishing, so we went there. After the entire day, we didn’t arrive to a library, but we caught one fish. She escaped by the way. We had a great day, but our parents never let us go to a library again. I really don’t know why.

Now, my sister, my pride will become a real woman, a woman who is going to spend the entire life with a man who is the same as she. I wish you to do great and crazy things and I want to see those photos on the social media. I will like them, I am certain.

For all of you, who are not the bride and a groom, I want to say thanks, for listening to me and for coming here. Thanks once again and enjoy.’’

‘’The past has been the best for me and Carol. I am her best friend and I love her very much. However, today is all about the present so don’t talk about the past, let’s be focused on this day. It has to be the best day in their lives and even better is that the entire life is going to be great as this day. I wish you the best future as well. Thanks to their families and the guest.’’

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